This movella is going to be kinda like the PS3 game The Last Of Us. Its going to be based in the UK instead, have similar zombies and going to have a relationship like Joel and Ellie did. But instead its going to have my own twist.
Elle (me [by the way the main character is me]) has been abandoned in a crumbling world of the infected. With constant obstacles she is found by Aaron, a 37 year old survivor. Will they be able to save each other from their pasts or will they both split paths?
I really hope you enjoy this and I'll take any suggestions.


4. Monsters and clickers - Elle

A/N: I 'am so sorry I didn't write when I said I would but its really hard to when I've got school, homework and family emergencies going on. I wont make any promises on when I write (unless its the holidays). I really hope you like this chapter which is based form my view. By the way none of this really happens at home although some of the characters will have the same personalities as family members; plus I've changed my friends names. P.S it would be really nice to get some feedback so I can improve my story so far and in the future chapters; have any questions or requests I'll be sure to get back to you . Thanks so much - Firefly (Elle) ;).

"Elle, you have to run!"                                                                                                                      "I'm not gonna leave with out you! No way guys! We stick together. You want me to run - you'll have to run with me." I stare at my friends in shock and fear. They want me to go with out them? Nuh-uh.  "Fuck this guys I'm going!" Before any of us can protest, we watch David run off into the distance; his fat body swaying left to right and then out of the door. That wasn't expected at all. Jacob and Charlie follow swiftly behind their 'leader' without a word of "good luck" or "goodbye". Fuck them. "What do we do?" The whisper barely escapes my mouth but Joshua seems to hear it. "We fight them. And then we get are own back." His voice it stern, not like his usual voice, and I can feel his eyes burn into my head; mine still staring at the door expectantly. His hand grips my shaking hand, reassurance, and I stare into his brown eyes, 'I understand'.

We achieve the fight between us and the infected that eventually thought its way through the door; constantly standing beside each other during the battle. The bloated body of a clicker swallows my toes as I kick its ribs. "I say, we make a pretty good team." he chuckles at my statement and kicks a zombie himself, but I can tell something's not right. "You... got bitten... didn't you?" He looks up at me and mimics my facial expression. "Fuck no! And I have to admit we do make an amazing team!" He wraps an arm around my shoulder to squeeze me tightly. I rest my head on his shoulder briefly and twist so Im looking right at him. "Joshua? Thank you." Awkwardly, I stare down at the floor. Its not even awkward, if anything its a relief. "Hey, you done great too even though I was the one who killed most of those shit heads." Joshua grins. Did he really just say that? "Oh of course you did! I just sat back and with a box of popcorn and watched the movie." He raises an eyebrow at the comment 'popcorn' ; I forgot that some people didn't know what it was. "That's right. Im your hero." Typical Joshua. "ELLE! LOOK OUT!"

Joshua pushes me to the ground and fires at the lone silhouette. I cant move. Joshua crouches over me, still firing at the human being. But its invincible and firing back. Maybe its because of his position. "Bad aim boy." It speaks out, clarifying my theory. Joshua stares down at me. "I've run out, I've run out of bullets." His urgent whispers turn into a search party for my own gun. "What you gonna do now boy?" Frustration boils in Joshua's face as he looks around us for my missing gun. "Lookin' for somethin'? In unison we stare up at the person and grimace at the site of my pistol. "Please. Were sorry. If you could just hand over the gun and let us on our way we'll never come back." I plead, clutching Joshua's fore arms. But the man disagrees and aims the gun at us. As if on que, Joshua holds me tightly, shielding me from the killer. "Im sorry. Im sorry I couldn't-"   "Hey. Don't apologise. Look at it this way. If we do- we'll be free. We'll be okay." BANG!

I squeal. Were alive. "Hey. Were okay!" I smile. Pushing him of me I get to my feet. "ELLE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DO- Oh no." My brother stares behind me, gun loosely in his hand and shirt covered in dirt and blood. I follow his gaze to Joshua who merely stands behind me. "No... no..... NO!"

I cradle Joshua in my arms, hands on his wound and eyes set on his. He whimpers as I apply more pressure, trying to stop the wound! "Look at me Joshua! Your gonna be okay. Were gonna make sure you get through this." His back arches as he lets out another scream. "ARGH! Elle... you have to go." His hand finds my hand. "Are you serious? Im not leaving you. Were a zombie fighting team, we guys have to stick together!" He chuckles a bit and I smile at him. "Elle? Thank you." He leans up, a flinch spreading across his face, and rests his forehead to mine. "Thank you. You'll be okay." We sit there. In each others arms. His temperature drops and I know Im losing him but I just don't want to admit it. "I'll see you soon, partner". I hear his breath against my ear, a slow inhale and quick exhale. He falls back into my arms. "Joshua? Joshua!? Wake up! Please, please God. Don't do this. Please."

 I feel a tear roll down my cheek, staring into the darkness that consumes me. Its been 3 months since the incident and yet it still haunts me to this day. I'll never see him again and every time I replay that moment in my head it pains me to think if I had of focused a bit more he would still be here. As my parents described... I'm pathetic. And damn right I 'am.

"Elle?" The voice echo's down the hall in a sharp shout. The cold handle of the living room door sends shocks up my arm into my spine. "Yes, dad?" The door opens with a creak. His silver hair beams in the thin sunlight peeking through the boarded windows. A watch in his right hand and a cloth in the other, he briefly looks up at me. "Sit." I close the door behind me and perch on the couch next to my sister. She doesn't smile only pulls a face of disgust at my presence. Who would've thought we were so close once. "We need to discuss what happened, again." My mouth drops at his comment. "What is there to talk about? I've told you everything." My voice sounds shrill and distressed. Abigail lets out a snigger making me shoot her a glare. I wish I could burn people with my eyes sometimes; or at least cause them some type of harm. "I just think the story is too farfetched. I think your lying." His tone stays calm and low compared to my previous tone. I bet he thinks that he so smug. That pain that ripples in me everyday, that anger they all cause is all about to explode. Beware.

"You think I'm lying? Well let me tell you this, Daddy," I rise from the couch and point at his little figure. "I 'am not lying. Everything that happened that day is all true. It haunts me, still, to this day and surely you know that by now. It fucking kills me 24/7!" He stands and squares up to me. I cant taste his breath and smell the revolting stench that lingers on his skin as he steps closer to me. "You're a manipulative bitch just trying to get attention. Stop being pathetic and tell us the truth, sweetheart." His brown eyes swim through mine; I really hope he doesn't see the tears welling up in my eyes. "I will never be your sweetheart and quite frankly, you will never be my father. I 'am not a manipulative bitch. Go to hell mother-fucker." I whisper hoarsely. A sharp slap across the cheek exposes some tears. My que to leave. I don't care if I was harsh, if you knew what a monster he was you'd understand.



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