This movella is going to be kinda like the PS3 game The Last Of Us. Its going to be based in the UK instead, have similar zombies and going to have a relationship like Joel and Ellie did. But instead its going to have my own twist.
Elle (me [by the way the main character is me]) has been abandoned in a crumbling world of the infected. With constant obstacles she is found by Aaron, a 37 year old survivor. Will they be able to save each other from their pasts or will they both split paths?
I really hope you enjoy this and I'll take any suggestions.


5. Locked doors - Aaron

Its not just worry anymore; its something more. Its- its like a parasite, annoying and attention seeking, but instead its constantly reminding me of what could be happing up there and the... consequences. I wish it could be a happy reminder that Im coming home to an alright Jerry, that tonight were get a beer out and just share the time that we may have left in this ragged world. But its not. It will never be that way.

Now really isn't the fucking time to do sweet talk so Jerry opens the locked door. In fact, I really... couldn't careless about having a broken door now or the fact that my shoulder is probably dislocated from breaking the door down. I really don't give damn about anything but Jerry's safety and well being. And there he is. Standing right before me, practically gone. I- I've failed him. That boy I trusted myself with is gone because of me. Because I 'am too damn selfish! "I'm so sorry,Jerry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this. I tried and I failed. Long apology I know... but... just be safe." Its barely a good enough apology.

My cold tears tracing my aged face just prove how much I doubt myself and the years I've spent caring for him. A startled groan escapes his mouth at the sight of what I'm about to do. But I'm stuck in oblivion and all I can think about is my shaking body. Those good times are just s-s-surrounding me. Those times I saw the real Jerry. Stop. More tears. More pain. I cant do this. Oh God. Why?

Something deep with in me lets go off all those memories of Jerry, my emotions and most of all... who he is. Suddenly, its just a human being in front of me. Turning into one of those - ugh- things. Whoever that person is lets out a whimper; maybe a cry of plead. Its- its repulsive. Who would have sympathy for that? Its disgusting. Stop. It needs to be stopped. No! There's nothing that can help him now. There is always a chance. The best thing to do now- Don't you dare say it! -Is to put him at rest and at peace. Death. He might pull through. I mean what if- Its the kindest thing to do. He will be killed if we don't do this. There has to be another option. Its the only option. Do it then. 10 seconds? Okay.

"Jerry? I want you to know-" One.

"-that this is going to be for the best." Two.

"I never meant for this to happen." Three.

"Im sorry if I've not been the best of friends-" Four.

"-but you have to me." Five.

"Our luck had to run out sooner or later." Six.

"Well, I guess that's just todays world." Seven. 

"This has been a pretty shitty apology." Eight.

"I couldn't of asked for a better companion." Nine.

"You've been like a brother to me and I appreciate that." Ten.

"Thank you." Shoot.

"I'm sorry Jerry." Shoot!

"See you soon, buddy." Dammit, shoot already! Shoot!


The shear force of the gun sends me stumbling back a bit; the cold steel still constricted in my grip. Ringing sparks in my ears and I watch as he falls. I forget to breath and I find myself feeling faint. Despite what you've just done, you are incredibly weak. I don't want to see what I've done to him ,however I cant help feeling drawn to my murder scene. One step at a time.

A clean bullet hole in between his eyebrows, a bite that is still pumping blood through his hoody. His lips are open whereas his are closed. He knew what was going to happen. Huh. Smart man.

"No." Shit. I forgot Sofia was coming up. My ears sting when she drops all of the new food, ammo and supplies. Her body is instantly over Jerry's. "You monster. You could of been more gentle on him." Something snaps inside me, like a ink cartridge. Who the hell does she think she is; snapping at me already? "He was already turnin' Sofia. What else was I meant to do? Smother him in his sleep? There was no time!" Her face drops, triumph for me. "I'm sure there must of been a way. Surely, he wouldn't of turned that quickly. But hey that's you. Just want to get rid of people ASAP."  Her tone is soft like cotton but the venom ,that is her mind, still wettens that cotton. "You fucking bitch! He was brother to me, I only done that out of kindness. I suggest you get a hold of yourself or you leave. Oh by the way-" I show her the bite. Fungus already sprouting out of it and blood draining from the wound. "-he turn that quickly. Bitch."

In the silence of the night we bury Jerry. I fashion a wooden cross out of crate I found while she goes to get some flowers. I wait and wait... and wait until she arrives back with two flowers. Like she doesn't care, the bitch throws them at the cross and walks back into the shadows. I don't want to out stay my welcome. This is his time now.

"Adios, Jerry."

A/N - Hey guys. I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry you couldn't get to know Jerry's character a bit better but maybe I'll do that further down the line. I would really appreciate some ideas for chapter 7 which will be Aarons chapter. Once again I'm sorry if I don't write for a long period of time but there's a lot going on at the moment. So bare with me and any advice (like I've said before) would be great! Thanks for reading. Firefly7713 (Elle) :)        


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