This movella is going to be kinda like the PS3 game The Last Of Us. Its going to be based in the UK instead, have similar zombies and going to have a relationship like Joel and Ellie did. But instead its going to have my own twist.
Elle (me [by the way the main character is me]) has been abandoned in a crumbling world of the infected. With constant obstacles she is found by Aaron, a 37 year old survivor. Will they be able to save each other from their pasts or will they both split paths?
I really hope you enjoy this and I'll take any suggestions.


1. In the begining - Aaron

1st of May 2014

Once again I'm celebrating my birthday alone. That's 7 years in a row! Well it must be a new record. Perhaps they should give my parents a medal and certificate. That's if they were actually here instead of at work 24/7. Do they even see each other at all? Do they hate me? Do they even know who I 'am now? Do they remember that I'm 17 today? Do they know that I still live here? Everyday, I have to do the laundry, food shop and so much other shit! It should be my mum who does that. I'm sick of this. I'm so sick of this I've packed my bags. They wont even realise I'm gone; most probably. But I do need to rest first. So I've turned the TV on for once and got a beer out, I shouldn't have a beer but I cant help myself. It just feels so strange doing this. With all the housework and studying I have to do, I really do deserve this. Plus its my birthday, anyway. What's stopping me?

The last time I watched Family Guy was about 2 years ago so I'm really happy to see it on air tonight. I've never seen this episode before; I guess its like a new discovery. I listen carefully to the familiar voices. The cracks of laughter that escape my mouth is like a new sensation. Ever since mum and dad began to 'abandon' me I became the outcast at school. A teachers pet. A loner. I was never happy. It's my preferred situation now anyway. Will anyone ever to love me? Maybe I'll go crazy and die alone. Hahaha. People will tell their kids to stay away from the lunatic on the street. Sorry. I don't mean to act crazy. 

It's your birthday! Snap out of the mood!

What the hell? Why did the TV cut out? "BREAKING NEWS! A -" I interrupt the TV before it can carry on. "It's 1.00AM NO ONES GONNA CARE. Stupid mumbo jumbo." I shout at the TV as I stand and switch it of. I cant deal with crap on TV right now. It's probably more terrorist attacks or more mass murders or...

I get a sudden gut feeling that something bad has happened. I feel sick and my stomach lurches as I step toward the window. I trip over my bags but quickly regain my step. I hear a shout of urgency. Slowly, the slow like you do when your a kid and don't want to get caught, I open the curtains. What's happening? Why are there bodies in the road? Dead and alive. I jerk back when I see a running human get engulfed by these other alien like humans. I can hear them. Screaming, groaning and... clicking. What are they?

I don't know what to do when I see my parents pull up; the head-lights blinding me. Do I go out and help them? Or stay and wait to see if they come. I can only hear my heartbeat thumbing in my eardrum now. As well as feeling it in my main arteries; hammering through my skin.

I hate my parents for what they've done but I cant help but worry about them. What if those creatures -. NO AARON! Don't think about that. They will be fine. But what if... I cant think like this. I need to prepare for whatever the hell is going on. Picking up my bag I walk into the kitchen. 5 steps it takes me and when I get there the first thing I grab is the medical box. In my bag it goes. Knives! I'll need knives. I hesitate and fall to the floor. They've not come in yet. Shit, mum and dad! Then I hear it. Them. Thank god.

"Aaron?!" My mother calls. I stand up and stare at her. My father follows and takes a sigh of relief. "Have you seen?" Her voice squeaks and she begins to sob. I want to say yes but something else sits on my tongue. I cant stop it from snapping out either. "Seen what? You? No I haven't mum! Not in what, 7 years. Real nice to see you to. Oh and its my birthday today. Don't know if you remembered but just thought I should say." She winces and I feel a twinge of pain nagging in my stomach. "AARON! LISTEN TO US! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!" I may not of seen my father in awhile but I still cower when he raises his voice. The TV beeps back to life and that's when it hits me. "-the Government are taking drastic measures to ensure that everyone is safe. We go over to Susan to see the situation over in Waterloovile. Susan are you there?" The presenter makes the lurching in my stomach worse. His voice echo's in my head: "drastic measures" "safe" "Waterloovile" that isn't far from here. "Oh god Bill. It is chaos here! As you can see there are so many bodies around me that have all been killed by the infected. But in this moment of terror people are taking the advantage of things," She pauses and laughs for a bit; I don't see what's so funny. "Behind me there is a mass robbery going on in all the high-street shops," There's a scream in the distance whether its on the TV or not I don't know. She continues. "Wait. What the hell is that Jim? OH MY GOD JIM! LOOK OUT! Oh god, oh god, oh god!" The camera falls and freezes for a moment. "No. NOOOOO. HEL- AHHHHHHHHHH" The present falls like the camera does and a creature, with a ghastly growth the size of a golf ball on its head, goes down with her. Blood hits the camera then everything goes black.

This is no Walking Dead matter. This is much worse.

"Gods punishment." My father says solemnly. I look at my mother who has her hands over her mouth and drops of tears slipping over her cheeks into her feeble hands. I realise then that I'm shaking to the bone but if my parents are gonna be the ones who act like a kid then I need to be stronger. Breathe in. Breathe out. Count to three. One- Two- Three. You can do this. "This ain't no punishment. Someone did this on purpose." I walk back to the window and pull the curtains back again. That person is just a mangled chew toy now. Gone. Dead. "And we need to go." My parents stare at me like I'm insane and my mother goes to speak but I stop her before she can by grabbing my bags. I see the pain pull at their faces as they realise what I was going to do if this shit hadn't of happened. "Both of you go pack one bag each. Pack 2-3 changes of clothes, one personal item and anything else that will be vital." I bark. I'll be the ones to give orders. "But you have two bags." My mother whines. I give a short laugh under my breath and shake my head. "Someone has to carry the food, drink and medical box! Not happy with my decisions your on your own." She shrugs and they walk up to their room. I decide to retreat to my own room.

So here I 'am. I don't know what the situations going to be like. For all I know this could be my last entry. God. I don't know what will happen to me. To mum. To dad. They've not been here much for me but I still have heart for them. This is awful. Looking out onto the city. Its terror already. Fires, military and screams all mixing into a deadly cocktail. The Portsmouth I knew is dying. I don't know yet where we'll go. Perhaps the military. Yeah. They'll be evacuating us wont they?

I can hear mum and dad calling me from downstairs. I will try my best to write asap. Don't worry I have lots of pens. Hahaha. But if not I guess that'll be because I'm d d d-ead. Well goodbye for now friend.

Happy Birthday Me.     

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