This movella is going to be kinda like the PS3 game The Last Of Us. Its going to be based in the UK instead, have similar zombies and going to have a relationship like Joel and Ellie did. But instead its going to have my own twist.
Elle (me [by the way the main character is me]) has been abandoned in a crumbling world of the infected. With constant obstacles she is found by Aaron, a 37 year old survivor. Will they be able to save each other from their pasts or will they both split paths?
I really hope you enjoy this and I'll take any suggestions.


3. All hope gone - Aaron

Something stirs in the shadows of the corridor, no clickers or stalkers are up here now so it takes me by surprise. I turn my flash light on and point it to the sound. "There you are!" I whisper reaching Jerry's side. "There you are." He mouths. His hand is clutching his side and he's looking hesitantly round the room. "Jerry, what's wrong?" I ask. He clenches his jaw as he hits the floor with his fist. Click, click, eeeee. "Fucking hell. Clickers!" I stare at the stair well then our door then back to Jerry. I have to be quick or stay and be silent. "Clickers. Clickers. Ouch!" Jerry shouts out in pain as he removes his hand; his back arches and he falls to his side. Well that's our luck out the window. I lift Jerry up even though he fights my grasp. Once he's on his feet I grab his wrist and run for our door. "Off. Aaron! GET OFF!" He growls behind me. I look back, behind Jerry, and watch as three - no four clickers turn the stairs. "Come on!" I say through clenched teeth. I push the door open and haul ourselves in. Quickly, and a little to quickly for my head, I barricade the front door with the sofa as Jerry stand behind me whimpering. With the sofa in place I turn to apologise to Jerry because at this moment it seems like the only right thing to do. But instead of apologising my mouth drops making my jaw screech with pain for a split second. I shouldn't of fallen asleep.

I cut away his hoody to reveal something I hoped I'd never see. He lies on the floor sobbing gently as I uncover a savage bite. Not something I wanted to see on my birthday. The moon is my only light and the bite is deep, showing of his red flesh, and wont stop oozing with thick blood and watery pus. I didn't know for sure how long ago he was bitten but it had already began to grow a fowl smelling, yellow blister and hard scab. He screams out in pain as I clean the wound with alcohol and try to keep pressure on the worst areas. He tries with all his might to battle me but I refuse to leave his side. I grab the medical box from my bag, taking the antibiotics, antiseptic cream and a large plaster out of the battered box. I rub the cream, gently but firmly, into the wound, leaving a thick layer of pink over the bite. Frustration and worry makes my hands fail at peeling the plaster away from the base; which really does sound pathetic. My hands shake under the pressure. For fucks sake. My breathing slows and I finally calm down enough to peel the plaster away. Applying the plaster over the pink cream and rubbing it down I stare at the surrounding area. Its been scratched alright, red lines travel to just below his heart, but I cant do anything about those.

 I listen to him seethe as I sit him up against the wall. Turning towards the kitchen to grab a open can of beans, sinking a spoon into it, and concealing the small blue tablet in it. He turns away from the spoon making my mind froth with desperation. "You need to eat this Jerry." I smile. Maybe if I keep my calm he'll calm down enough so he wont get worked up more. His mouth opens enough for me to put the spoon in even though he's more than capable to feed himself. I make sure he gets every bean of the spoon along with the tablet. My last resort after this, if it doesn't work, is to -. God. I cant think of that. He's been in my life to long to make me want to think about that last resort. He's to much like a brother to me.

"Jerry, listen to me. I have to go and get more supplies. Are you okay if I go?" I really don't want to go but that's our last can of beans and it wont last longer than a day. He doesn't reply at first but when he turns to the door he furrows his eyebrows and says: "You have to go." I look back at him once I reach the door and flinch as the tiny voice in my head advices me to stay. Trust me I want to, I really do. I think. He curls up in the corner of the room, pulling his hood up, rocking back and forth and flicking his fingers. "I'm so sorry Jerry. I'll see you in a bit." I hate myself for disturbing his routine. I shouldn't of fallen asleep when I did. I should of acted like everything was okay. Right? I wish it wasn't this hard. This is just the cruel reality of things now-a-days.

The ration line is empty which seems to be the only good thing about today; except from my present. Its nine o'clock and Sofia is about to shut the place down until she see's me. "Aarry! How are you?" She opens her arms for a hug and kisses me on the cheek. Sofia must be at least 30 years older than me. She always smells of lavender or roses and carries 'lucky' pendants with her; well I guess they've brought her luck so far. I love her personality and she's always taken care of us like a mother. She defiantly knows when something's happened so in this case she stares at me with one thin eyebrow raised. Asking me with her expression what's wrong. "Jerry. Jerry got bitten." Her face drops and shaking her head quickly. "How? You didn't keep an eye on him did you?! Its all your fault, isn't it?!" Sofia wasn't the nicest of people when it came to problems like this. She's right, it is your fault! "We got trapped in the apartment because of the damn infected! I fell asleep and didn't here him go out. I've tried my best to clean the wound. I didn't mean to fall into that much of a deep sleep. I swear!" Sofia hugs me tightly again and hushes me as I begin to sob. "I swear. I didn't -" She breaks the hug and stares at me with those hypnotizing green eyes of hers. "Its okay. What d'ya need? You better get back quick if he's been bitten." Her eyes wander up to the window of my apartment so I follow her gaze. His figure is barely visible but I can still make it out. And their he is, pacing back and forth, clutching his side, his expression hidden by his red hood. I begin my list of needed supplies. "I'll meet you up with them. Go. Go , now, Aaron! He needs you." Sofia's urgent voice carries a lining of worry; to this day I have never seen her truly breakdown and show sadness but somehow I can always tell. I don't even think twice about going up there. Jerry comes first after all.


Authors note- Sorry this was a really short chapter but I'll do a longer one tomorrow when I have more time. Please feel free to comment any suggestions on how I could make it better or what you like about this story so far. Thanks for reading, so far, oh and next chapter will be about Elle  by the way ;) . Night - Firefly7713 (Elle)


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