I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


6. Why? Just Why?

      Everyone Crowded Dylan's House. Music was blasting but it was like nails on a chock bored to me. I back my self in a corner and watched everyone Get drunk and dance.  Some girl  With straight Black hair and really Tan Skin. Came Stumbling up to me and I smelt  alcohol on her breath as she spoke. "Your Destiny Right?" She was stumbling her words. I nodded "yup..Why?" "You know the reason your getting so popular is because of Dylan and all he wants to do is Tap that little fine ass of yours" she pointed at me tipping to side to side like she couldn't keep her Balance. I shimmied out of the Corner, Before That girl threw up on me. I looked down at the time 10:30. I know James told me Not to go home but I'm worried about my Grandma and speaking of James I could really Use him right now.

I started to walk out the door when Someone Pulled my Arm.I turned around and seen Dylan "hey."he said really loud but  I really Couldn't Hear him Because the music was So Loud. "You wanna go some where more quitter?" He Shout over the music. I nodded, He Grabbed my Hand and Headed up to his Room. We Got to his Room and He shut the Door Behind us. "I seen you were heading to the door. Do you want to leave or something?" I nodded "I'm worried about my Grandma and I was suppose to be home like a half a hour ago." "I can Drive you home if you want" I smiled "that sounds good." Dylan Kissed me on the cheek and Grabbed my hand and headed out to his Car. When We Got to his Car we got in. 

Dylan Started his Car and started to Drive To my House. He pulled up In my Drive way and I Got out. He rolled down the Window, "don't leave in till I come back out" "I won't Trust me". I walked up to the door and Walked in. James popped up in front of me "Destiny it's not Safe Get out of here Now I told you not to come back in till I find away to get that thing out of your Grandma." "James my Grandma has to be in there some where I'm just not gonna leave her." I seen my Grandma walk in the walk way where I was Standing she was gripping a sharp Stake knife in her hands. James looked at me " please Destiny get out of here before you get hurt." I shook my head "no." Then I looked at my grandma "I know your in her." She looked at me with this Evil kinda look on her face "I don't know what your talking about." "Don't give me that shit you know what I'm talking about if you want to kill me don't do it in her body." Her voice Changed to this Deep demonic voice "Sweet Destiny..Do you Even Know what or Who I am?" "A soul sucker.?" "Not just a soul Sucker..You Know I was a very bad person when I was alive I rapped young girl very much like you come to think if it ,I killed the girls I rapped and anyone who got in my way ,I stole from Everyone . I did pretty much Everything .Then I died by the hands of a father of a girl that I rapped and killed she was a little younger then you ,Fun part Now. When I died I Became Everything I ever wanted to be I had power that I always want to have. And I got Stronger with All the Energy I was Stealing From Others " "And what does this have to do with me or my grandma or Anyone Else Your Killing!" " let me finished!!!" He shouted and I stepped back  and took a deep breath "Then you came a long and you helped them go threw their doors so I became week. So I came here and I knew it was you when you seen me in the road that day. So pretty much I'm gonna kill you. So can I be strong again and when you die I'll just steal your light."

 I stood there looking at James. Then at my Grandma's Body "Get out of her!" I shouted "I'm gonna kill everyone you cared about. Then when I'm Done with them I'll kill you." He held up the knife to my grandma Throat and I Screamed as loud as I Could " No!" He covers my His ears. Then looked at me and slit my grandma throat then left her body.  I ran to my grandma took my coat off and put pressure On the throat I had Blood all over my Shirt and my Hands. Then Dylan Ran In I looked back and him. "Call 911"  he took out his phone and called 911. My grandma was still Breathing. 

I heard Dylan Get off the phone and ran over to me." There coming" I looked at him " it didn't cut deep enough she still breathing." James was standing over my Grandma "Destiny What are you gonna tell them?" James said still looking down at my Grandma. "I'm gonna tell the the truth." I looked up at James with tears in my eyes.Then Dylan looked up where I was looking "James?" He said a little Confused. I nodded "yea." "James is a friend?" "Best friend he has been watching over me for the past 2 years" Dylan Nodded. "Okay Then."

We heard the sirens out side the house. Two EMT's came rushing in the house and took over on my Grandma. The two cops from Before where standing out side looking at me. I step out side and walked up to them the Older cop looked at me "Destiny what happen?""He possessed my Grandma and he said he wasn't gonna Stop in till every one I care about is dead then he's gonna come after me." "That black thing?" The younger cop added in. I nodded "yea..That black thing" I repeated "where were you Before this happen?" The older cop cut In and Asked "At Dylan's Party..I was Suppose to be home at 10:00 but I came home at 11:00" the older cop looked around "alright we are gonna say someone broke in when you where at a party you came home to see her like this..alright?" I nodded " Yes Sir." The Older Cop pulled out a Card out of his Shirt pocket  "I'm Officer Higens that's office Miles if You Need Any help or you find anything else out Call me or him.Our cell Numbers are on the back". He handed me the card and smiled. I took it and Nodded "Thank you." 

They Left to Being My Grandma to the Hospital. Dylan and I Headed to His Car To follow them to the Hospital when James Showed up "Destiny,Crosses" I Told Dylan to wait as he got in his Car. I turned back and looked at James "What do You mean Crosses?" "He can't hurt you if your wearing a cross" he grabbed my Wrist and flipped it over To my Cross tattoo I got for my 17th Birthday "he can't touch you or hurt you because of that. That's why he said he would hurt tho ones you care about first." "So he can't hurt me?" "He can still hurt you by causing a accident or something But he can't Touch you because of that." "My grandma took off her cross a few days ago that's when she started acting strange." "That's when he must have possessed her." "That's what I'm thinking."

I ran in side the house up the stair to my Grandma's room and Grabbed her Cross Neckless off her vanity. Then I ran back down Stair and in Dylan's Car. He started to Drive to the Hospital and I looked at him. "Do you own any Crosses?" He looked at me weird "yea my family are Christians I own like 5 crosses" "good when you get home put one on." He pulled out a gold chain under his shirt "already have one on and shit the party." He pulled up to the hospital. "Do you mind if I go back to my house to stop the party?" I shook my head "not at all." I went to Get out of the Car but he pulled me back in and kissed me. I smiled and got out of the Car and Ran In the Hospital. I talk to the girl at the front counter and went back to wait on News On my Grandma. But the hole time I was thinking about Him I don't know his name you know that thing that possessed my grandma well that thing I was thinking about what he told me he was a bad man and did all that stuff. How cold one person do that crap I mean it's so messed up. 

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