I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


1. UnEasy Feeling

         Some say I'm Crazy, Some say I'm a Freak,Some say i made it up and Well some don't doubt me .Ever Since I could remember I could see things that other people Couldn't. My Grandma always told me I had the gift of Sight and that's what make me so perfectly Different. If you couldn't figure it out, yes I see the dead. You think it's hard enough being a 17 year old girl in high school, but My life decide to punch me in the face and add this on to my already fucked up life. When I was 8 years old my mom left my dad. Then my dad left me to go and live with my Grandma. It's been almost 10 years and I haven't heard for either of them. I guess how the story went is my mom thought I was the devil because I could see the things she couldn't and she didn't want a kid like that and then my dad couldn't raise me so he left me when my grandma. Well I couldn't be happier here with her. She the only person in my life that accepts me for who I am And thinks I can do so much good with the gift I have.
           Monday Morning rolls around. School woo! You know school isn't that bad. Minus the kids with the bad attitude, the kids that think they're funny And well minus Everyone else really beside the teachers . Then school would be pretty great!. Seeing how fucked up society made these kids to day kinda makes me want to throw up in my mouth. People these days are rude ,selfish people. My grandma tells me all the time rudeness and having a bad attitude will get you no where in life. So I try my best when I'm in school Is to ignore everyone! And if you where wounding no I don't have any friends beside dead ones. i know that sounds so sad but its the truth, but I LOVE it that way. 
         My alarm started going off at 6:30 A.m I grabbed it from the wall and threw it across my room. I heard my grandma come in my room "you need another one?" I popped out of the covers and shook my head .If it did break it would have be my 5th alarm clock this month. I barely get sleep it seems like when I'm ready to call it a day. The dead aren't  so I stay up all night trying to figure out what they want and sometime it take forever to do.
          I rolled out of bed about 15 minutes later. I got up and got dressed in a Plain grey T-Shirt and normal jeans. I put some make up on, put my hair in a high ponytail, and put my black vans on. Then grabbed my bag and head down stairs. I seen my grandma in the living room sitting on the couch ,drinking her coffee and watching the morning News. "Destiny. Did you hear about the car Accident  That happen on the free way last night?" I gave my grandma a blank look. "No I wasn't up all night trying to help those people out. Because I'm a perfectly normal 17 year old girl that cant see the dead or anything." My Grandma Smiled.  "Honey there's Nothing Normal about you" she took a sip of her coffee. "That's what I was getting at." I grabbed my car keys,kissed my grandma on top of her head. "Have a good day Sweetheart" I gave a Very fake Smile "oh I'll Try". 
           I headed out the door and got in my Car. I looked at the passenger side of my car to see James. James is the only friend I've ever really had in my life he has Long black hair. Snake bits and you guessed it he Emo And yes he's dead. James came to me 2 years ago after he OD on pills. What he told me was he came out to his parents they were telling him how he was gonna burn in hell so he killed him Self. "Do you ever leave me alone?" He shook his head " why should I? Your the only leaving person who can see me." I started my Car. "Oh don't Remind me"James rolled his Eyes. 
           I backed out of my Drive way and Drove to School. When I parked in the School's parking lot I shut off my car and looked at James. "Look I don't ask much from you,But can you please not try to talk to me when I'm school today?" James Gave me a Duck face  "I guess so" then in a second he vanished. " I hate when they do that." I said to my Self . Well when it comes to seeing the dead, they look like you or me the only thing different is they choice what they look like when I see them and what I mean by that is They can look like how they died or before they died. 
        I grabbed my bag and got of my Car. I started to walk in school when I bumped into someone and Dropped my Bag then i looked up to see it was Dylan Snyder he was talk,  he had short brown hair , sexy Brown light brown eyes and just so damn Beautiful and Yes I Just said Beautiful . "I'm so sorry" he said picking up my bag. I smiled "don't worry about it and thanks for picking my bag up." He smiled "anytime". "Dylan!" I heard someone scream in a high pitch voice,I looked behind Dylan to see the one and Only Meagan Blackwell. Her long blonde hair shined in the light and her Golden Brown eyes changed colors when the sun hit them. Such a beautiful girl but she has such a ugly attitude. Another thing my Grandma tells me a ugly attitude can ruin a pretty face. 
          She stood next to Dylan, crossed her arms and gave me a look that sent shivers down my Spine. "What are you doing with this Freak?" I could hear anger In her voice. He rolled his eyes "Meagan I'm Being like a normal person and being nice". She looked at me "she's not normal so why do you have to be?" Dylan looked at me. "I'm sorry about her.have a good day alright?" He smiled at me then walked off with Meagan. "You just made my day so much better" I said quietly to my self . "Girl I would have jump on that fine ass" I looked over to see James standing next to me. "I told you to leave me alone to day."  trying to say but not for people to hear me "girl you talk to me ever day. I started to miss you after awhile " he smiled at me.
          I took a deep breath and tried to ignore James but he just Kept on talking. "You know Destiny you could get his fine ass if you" I cut him off "shut up!" I shouted and everyone in the hall way turned around and looked at me. I let out a sigh great I did it again. You wonder why people think I'm Crazy. Screaming at Nothing well that's how they see it. 
           James crossed his arms. I looked around at everyone staring And whispering about me. I gave everyone a fake smile and headed to my first period English. No one was in class yet because the bell didn't ring. I sat down in my chair and see Mr.Henson wife looking at him from the corner of the room. She was smiling at him . Then she came and sat down next to me. "You know he wasn't always like this" I looked at her "what mean?" She nodded "he use to be so nice to Everyone all the kids loved him  but after" she looked down "I know". I heard the bell ring, she smiled "I better get going" then like all of them she vanished. Every one rushed in and sat down. When Dylan walked in my heart skipped a beat a little he looked at me and smiled.  Then I seen Meagan walk in with her Group she looked at me and rolled her eyes. Rude much? I mean Really, Meagan has Always hated me for what Reason? I Never did  anything to her. It's like in her blood to hate everyone who's Different from her.   
            Class Started,Mr.Henson started to talk about the story of the black dahlia. Elizabeth Short would be one dead person I would love to talk to, just to find out who really did that to her. What person would  do that to another person? I mean it's just sick. "Destiny?"I heard Mr.Henson yell my name. I looked up at him and smiled "yea?" "Who do you think did that to Elizabeth Short ?" I shook my head "I really don't know..no one does" Meagan looked back at me "you can talk to the dead right?" "What's your point?" "Can't you get a hold of her?" I shook my head "it doesn't work that way." Meagan smiled "duh it doesn't because your a freak that's wants everyone attention. So you made up a lie." Gosh I wish it was that easy to be honest I hate the attention. I looked at Meagan and back up at Mr.Henson "and you had to pick on me?" I got up and grabbed my bag "Destiny where do you think your going!?"he shouted .I started walking out the door then I turned around "Some where I belong" I heard Meagan yell "a mental hospital?" I walked out the door and started to head out the front doors to the school then I heard someone yell my name. I stopped walking and turned around and no one was there. I turned back to walk out the door when James popped up. "So I see your ditching?" He said kinda joyfully. I walked out of the school and headed to my car "you can Say that " I unlocked the door and got in. "Your edgy huh?" I laughed "if you want to say that."
       I pulled put of the parking lot , I was about a Mile down the road when something just made me stop my car. In the middle of traffic, I heard horns going off and James yelling "I can't die again but you can!!" All I seen was black figure in the middle of the street and I had the worst feeling in the world like something Really bad was gonna happen.It kinda made me sick to my stomach. Then James shouted so loud it snapped me out of it. I started driving again like nothing Ever happen. James looked at me "girl you better tell me what the hell just happen!" I shook my head "I don't want to talk about it". I really didn't want to talk about it because I don't Even know what happen.
           James rolled his eyes then vanished again. I drove home and Sat in my Drive way for a minutes. Then I heard a knock on the window and I rolled it Down. "Destiny what are you doing home ?" My grandma said a little worried. I looked at her "people at school." I really Couldn't think about what happen at school I only could think about that thing in the road. My grandma knew something was wrong. "what's wrong honey?" I shook my head. I had tears in my eyes "there was something In road and it gave me this horrible feeling like I was gonna be sick." My Grandma stood there looking at me "honey I'm sorry." She opened my car door and I got out and went in the house. I just went straight to my room and laid down on my bed. 
         That feeling I got when I seen that thing. I just can't get over it . It was like nothing I've ever felt before. It felt like nothing but Evil. I still had  that feeling at the pit of my stomach and I couldn't shake It. Something bad I mean really bad was going to happen I didn't know what or even When I just know it's gonna happen.

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