I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


10. So Much...

I seen Dylan's Car pull up in front of my Yard. Meagan and Dylan Stepped out. Meagan Put her hands in her sweater pocket.  "So what is It?" "Tell her ,lady bug I know your scarred..You need To be Strong For You and Your Father." Meagan's mom said standing Next to me. "Your mother said and I quote (lady bug I know your scarred but you need to be Strong for you and Your Farther." I could see Tears staring to form In Meagan's eyes."mom is that really you?" She asked looking around. Meagan's mom smiled "Tell her I love her so very much and I'll always be watching over her." "Meagan your mom said she loves you and she will be watching over you" then her mom Vanished. "She's gone now I added." Meagan looked at me "Thank you Destiny I really mean it." "Thanks for not telling me You and Dylan Are a couple I really mean that to." Dylan looked down. And Meagan Shrugged "we are off and On." "Y'all can Leave Now." I seen My dads Truck Pull up. Dylan looked back at it."who's that?" "My father...please Go" Meagan and Dylan started walking back to His Car. Mark got out of his Truck "who's That?" "It's complicated..Her mom died and asked for me to help her say Good Bye." "And you did?" "As much as I Hate both of them Yea I did." He smiled at me "Your a good person Destiny." "Why I don't I Believe it." I went in the house and Mark followed.

 He shut the door behind him."Destiny You don't have to do half of the things you do..You put people before your Self". I changed the subject "So where did you Go?" "I went and asked pastor Lewis To Help and He said He would But order To do It That things Needs To possess a body." "But who can He Possess?" Mark looked Down "me?". I shook my head "You Can't Do that" "Destiny.. I know I've Never be there for you but I'm here Now" "You can Get Hurt" "not if he Gets him fast Enough" "but if he doesn't You'll Get hurt." I looked down "I'll do it." "Destiny No you can't do that." "He wants me He can have me. I'm Doing it." James popped up "how Destiny You have a Cross tattooed on Your Wrist" I looked at James  "ill put a X threw it. Then it won't be a Full Cross...I'm doing it finally say". 

I went out side and sat down on the porch. I heard James and Mark Talking I'm side. I heard my Grandma Voice come from Next to me. "Destiny are you sure about this." I nodded "more than I've ever been a sure of something." "Honey I know losing me and having your dad here and Finding out about Meagan and Dylan really has gotten to you but remember don't do anything Stupid." She Vanished, I sat there thinking about Everything that's been happening to me the past few Months.  There's No freaking Way I was Gonna Back Down Now  From This I'm gonna Do it. I got up and Went Back In Side. I looked at Mark and James, "I'm Doing it Nothing Is Gonna Change My mind..Got it?". They both stood there looking at eachother and then at me. "Destiny" Mark had sadness in his Voice. I shook my head "don't. " Mark Sighed "You don't Need To do This" "but I do". 

With out saying anything else I went up stairs To my Room. And grabbed a marker. I sat on my bed and Lifted my hands and Prayed To God this Would work and Everything would be okay. Then I heard Mark Yell my name. "Destiny!?" I went running down the Stairs. I seen Dylan Standing at the Door. "You need To leave.Now" Dylan Stepped Closer then There was another Knock on The Door. Mark opened it and It Was Pastor Lewis. Pastor Lewis Stepped In "your ready?" Mark Nodded and Dylan Looked at me "ready for What.?" "you Need To Go" he shook his head "no" Mark stepped in "then Stand in a corner and Shut up." Dylan Rolled is eyes and went over to the couch and sat down. I took a deep breath, Pastor Lewis looked at me then Mark "So Who is it gonna Be?" "Me" I said With Some fear in my Voice. Pastor Lewis Went in the living Room Sat his Bag on the coffee table Mark and I followed. I took out the marker and Put a X Threw my Cross Tattoo. Pastor Lewis Got Ready. I looked over at Dylan Wondering why he was Here but I had To Much on my mind To Even Worry about that.  I really hope this plane works.

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