I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


7. So Many Questions

While waiting in the waiting room to hear news on my Grandma. I looked down at the already dried blood on my hands and it hit me, my Dream. I can't believe it, It was a warning that pool of blood I was in must Symbolize people dying around me. But usually when I have those kinda Dream Someone is trying to tell me something but who?"Destiny" I head a Soft voice say my name and I snapped out of it and looked up "yea?" A tall skinny lady with Red hair Sat down across from me. I could tell by the look on her face it wasn't good news. I had tears filling my eyes.I shook my head "Don't tell me." She looked down "I'm So sorry honey We Tried To Do Everything We could But She lost way to much blood." The Doctor got up and apologized again then left. I Sat there and clinched my grandma Cross in my hands.  I closed my eyes brought my Knees to My Chest I wish,Hoping What She was telling me was a lie but deep down I know it wasn't. The only person In my life that Never gave up on me. Was gone, She was someone I trusted more than anything I mean she use to make the boogieman go a way No one else could have done that. "Destiny oh my sweet Destiny." I heard my grandma's Voice and opened my eyes. She Ran Her thumb on my Cheek "You are so much more than I would ever wanted you to be. I'm so very proud of you" I had tears falling down my face " why did you have to leave me..it's not far" "I know baby and I'm Sorry I tired to hold on but I just couldn't. You are Strong,Stronger than anyone I know and if you father or Even you mother Could See You Now They Would be So proud of you like I Am." "They Left A Long Time Ago. Because of what I can See." "We all Have a Gifts and Your father has A Gift he made me promise him I wouldn't Say Anything to.But where do You think You Got Your Gift." "Then Why Did He leave.?""he was Scared he didn't want you to go what he went threw but you did anythings... Destiny I Love You and I will All Way Be Hear For you. I'll Watch over you and I Will there when you need me." And With that she Vanished. 

I got up and Walked out of the Hospital. I was Standing in middle The parking Lot when it Started To Rain. I want Scream , I wanted To Turn Back Time and Most importantly I just wanted to know why God Took her away from me. I know I can Still See her But its Just Not the Same.

I just stood here in the middle of the parking Lot Motionless. I seen James Standing in Front of me "I'm Sorry Destiny." I was tired of hearing Sorry's all the Time. I want that thing Gone and I don't care if I have to Die To get Rid of it. I seen Head Lights coming towards me but I didn't move nor did I really want to . I head a car door shut but I didn't even flinch Dylan Stood in Front of me. "Destiny what the Hell are you Doing?" "She Gone Dylan. My Grandma's dead." "But you can See her tho." I started to Cry "but that's not the point..that thing killed my Grandma. She Never Coming back." Dylan Looked Around "lets get you out of the Rain." Dylan Walked me over to his car and I Got In then He got in and Drove To his House. He pulled in his Drive Way And Shut off his Car. "I see you got the party Stopped." He shook his head "no Meagan Did When She Seen use leave she stopped The party and is Now cleaning Up". 

We both got out of his Car and ran on the porch to get away from the Rain. Then Went in his house ,when we walked in we Seen Meagan with A black Garbage bag throwing away Cups laying around. I looked at her "are you wearing a cross?" I just came out and Asked. She shook her head "no..why?" Dylan looked at me "I'll go get her one" he ran up to his room. I looked at Meagan "Just For Protection." Dylan ran Back Down stair with a long Cross Neckless and handed it to Meagan. Meagan Slipped it over her head she looked at me "Your Not Wearing A Cross" I held up my Wrist and Showed them my Crosses Tattoo "I don't need to .I have one Stuck on my body for the rest of my life." Meagan looked at me " I didn't know you had a tattoo" I usually wear long sleeves" "when did you get it?" She added "17th birthday." "Nice." 


Dylan Felt my Clothes "lets get you out of these Wet Clothes." Meagan Kept Picking Up Trash "I'll um just stay down Here." Dylan and I were walking up the Stairs When he Shouted down at her "you do that." We got to Dylan's room and he took out a long Black Shirt and A red Pair of basketball shorts out of his Dresser and threw on the bed. "Dry clothes for you" "thanks" I took of my Shirt to Get Changed and Dylan Stood there looking at me. "You act like You have Never Seen a girl Get Changed Before." "I'm Sorry your just So beautiful" he stepped closer to me and ran his finger down my stomach. I bit my Lip.Then ran my finger threw his hair and brought his face closer to mine and kissed him he kissed me back while picking me up I wrapped my legs around his waist, He laid me down on the bed Softly. Still kissing he broke the kiss To Take his Shirt off. Then he looked Down at me as he slide my parents off. "Are you Sure about this?" I nodded my head and bit my lip. I know it seems like bad time I mean my Grandma dying and all But Maybe I just Needed to Stop Thinking about all of that Maybe This is away To Forget all of that just for a moment.Dylan Slid his Pants off and I think you know what happens Next (winky face).

After It Happen We both feel a Sleep. And I Had That Same Dream Again But This Time A Man Was In It. He was Tall Late 30s early 40s. He had The Same Green Eyes As Me and The Same shade of Brown Hair as me. I seen That Black thing in the Distances behind me But the man Was In Front of me. I looked down and I was in The Pool of Blood Again. I shot up in Dylan's Bed With Sweat dripping from my face and Tears falling off my Cheek. Dylan Woke Up Next to Me and Help me "Destiny everything's okay Okay.your safe baby" I mean that was a Question To Be Asked Am I Really safe and is Everything really okay? By the looks of it Nothing  was okay and I didn't feel so Safe.

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