I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


5. Possessed

Its Friday Now and hole week pretty much just went by. I haven't been in school because it was Closed because of what happen to Mr.Henson.Witch I still haven't seen him. I haven't really seen a lot of Ghosts lately. I see James and Some here or there, but I have seen that Black thing a few times. 


     Well I have Dylan's party to day and I hope things go well because knowing my luck I'll screw something up.  2:30 pm I get a Text from Dylan. "Still coming to my party?" "Wouldn't miss it for the world". "215 hickey Tree Lane. The Big Blue and White House you couldn't Miss it." My first high school party. No my first party, party. I know whatcha thinking she almost 18 and she hasn't been to a party!?. Yea No I haven't been to a party.People here don't want to invite someone wired like me to their party. Well Take that back Dylan does but I guess he's not Everyone huh?.

  "Destiny" my grandma shouted from Down stairs. I went down Stair to see what she wanted. "Yea?" She was sitting at the kitchen Table "did you figure out if you wanted to tell the cops or not?" If I tell them what can they do? Nothing they can't Even See it.  So yea I made up my mind and my Answer is no!. I nodded "I'm not gonna tell them." "I think you should." I rolled my eyes "really grandma they can't help. They can't shoot something they can't see." She shrugged "well it's your life. Do what you thinks right". She Never says anything like that to me that was the First and that was Wired. My grandma is starting to  acting really Weird ever Since That day of Mr.Henson Death,she been not her Self. She just been different like REALLY different.  She doesn't Care that Much anymore and she's the only person I could go to for anything.

        I grabbed my Car keys so I could go to the book store in Town. "Where do you think your going?" I looked at my grandma wired  "the book Store" "You still going to that party to night?" I nodded "I planned on it." "Be home by 10." "10? Grandma my its first party..Don't you trust me?." She looked at me  and there was something different about her eyes. "Home by 10".  I nodded "whatever you say" that wasn't my Grandma something. I just Know It.

       I left the house and Drove to the book Store trying to forget about Everything. I was in the book store looking about Books When  I seen James out of the Corner of my eye. He was waving me over, Then pointed to the bathroom. I went in to Bathroom "what" I said almost in a Whisper "You need to stay away from your Grandma" "I know there's something wrong with her." "That black figure thing possessed her. He knows you can see him and he wants you dead" my heat fell out of my chest "wait he wants me Dead Then when does he plain on doing that?" "Tonight Destiny he possessed your grandma because he knows she one person in your life you trust." I had tears filling my eyes "I don't know what to do ." "Stay away from her in till I find away to get him out of her body." I nodded I'll try, James Vanished  .

          I cleared my eyes and Left the bath room. I left the store and sat in my Car and cried because I was scarred and I really had no idea what to Do. Then  I heard a Knock on the passenger Window I looked over and Seen Meagan standing There. I whipped my eyes and Rolled down the window "look if your gonna give me Shit Save it." She rolled her Eyes "no I'm not gonna give you shit. I seen you Crying" "and why do you care..You hate me" she let out a sigh and opened the passenger door and Got in my Car. "I Don't hate you..Alright..I'm jealous of you." "Yea okay." "No really I am. Dylan has always thoughts you were different and He wanted someone Different for the longest time...I got in his way of you." "I'm am different. Trust me if I could be normal for 1 day I would Be." Meagan looked down "So you Really See Dead People?" "Why would I make something like that up?" "Attention" "I hate it." I really do.. I hated Seeing things, I hated that my Parents left me because what I can see, I hate that people think I'm crazy or made it up and I hate That fact that this Black figure is making my life 10 time harder. I hate all of it.

          Meagan looked at me like she was concerned. "I'm sorry...So why where you Crying?" " you wouldn't Believe me if I told you." "Try me." I let out a breath, "this Evil thing has been killing people so he can get Stronger and now he possessed my Grandma so it can kill me because he Knows I can See him."  I looked at Meagan and her eyes Got big. "Okay that's sounds kinda Crazy....but sooner or later he's gonna have to leave your grandma's body..right?" I shrugged "I don't know..I really Don't but James Told me not to go home to night." "James?" "He's dead" I figured." "I'm sorry..and why are you being so Nice to Me?" Meagan looked Down at her hands. "Because I know Dylan likes you." I looked at her "there's Something's Else." "My Mom has Cancer and I thought when she goes I can" I cut her off "stay in touch threw me?" She nodded "I know I've always been mean to you and I'm sorry" I stopped her "it's fine..and if she comes to me then yea I'll help" Meagan Smiled at me "Thank you Destiny." I smiled back. "Your Welcome." Meagan got out of the car "see you at the party to night?" I nodded "yea" it's funny how people change when they Know they're gonna need you.

   I took my phone out and texted Dylan "can I come over?" He texted back like Right away "yea!". I drove to Dylan's House and parked in the Dive Way his House looked like a old Victorian Style House it was Very Big And Nice. I got out of the Car and knocked on the Door.  Dylan answered it "hey you" he smiled And invited me in. I looked around "where's your parents?" "At their friend's  house they're having a party to." I looked at Dylan and he could tell something was wrong. "Destiny" I shook my head "don't ask me." "When are you gonna tell me?" I shrugged "I don't want to scare you off tho." He held my face in his hands "you won't I've already told you that." I moved my face the took a few steps back. "The thing I seen in the hall..Was something really Evil. I don't know much about it or him i guess all I know is that He's been the one killing people. So he can get more stronger and He knows I can see him so he possessed my grandma and wants to kill me."  Dylan stepped closer to me "he possessed your grandma why?" "He knows she the only person I trust so the last person I would Expect to hurt me.I Guess" "How you know he possessed her?" "She been acting really wired and I looked her in the eyes to day and they were different." Dylan Grabbed my waist and pulled me Close to him. But I pushed him away . "Meagan told me you've like me for a long time because I was different." "Destiny you are different Not just because you can see things Because you understand Everybody, and no matter how bad people treat you..Your never mean to them..that's why I like you." 

      I took a deep breath and Dylan Step Closer to me. He held out his hand. I looked down at it and took it. He pulled me closer to him and held my face in his hand he bit his lip and brought my Face Closer to his. I could feel his warm breath on my lips and then he pressed his lips against mine. He kept kissing me but pushed me up against his door. He started sliding his hand up my shirt but I stopped . "I'm sorry" he said quietly "Your Fine..I just" He Cut me off "i understand".He smiled and kissed me again but someone knocked on the door. We both looked at each other and smiled. I stepped away from the door and Dylan answered it. It was Meagan She looked at Dylan then looked at me and Smiled "well what was going on here?" She walked in. Dylan looked at her "are you feeling okay ?" Meagan nodded "yea why?" "You hate Destiny you had a shit fit. I invited her to the party and Now Your okay that's She's at my house?" "We had a talk in the car" Meagan looked at me and smiled. 

     I got this pain in my stomach that felt like Someone Just stabbed me in it like 50 time, I fell to my knees. Meagan held me "Destiny what Wrong." I couldn't Speak the pain was way to bad. Dylan kneeled down next to me and put his hand on my back "Destiny!" Then the pain was gone . I took a deep Breath Meagan and Dylan Helped me Up. "You okay?" Dylan said Worried. I shook my head "that was wired..that's Never happen before." Meagan shrugged "maybe it was period Craps" Me and Dylan gave Meagan the What the Fuck look "okay maybe Not." 

      They Sat me Down on the stairs and Dylan Brought me A Glass of Water. Meagan looked up at the Time "People are gonna Show up Soon." Dylan Looked At the clock on his Phone "Yea They are..You Still up to Party?" He put his fingers threw my hair. I Smiled And Nodded "yea." Meagan Smiled "Good then you can Help Us Set up" I got up From the Stairs "Lets Do it." 

     Meagan,Dylan and I Put out the food and the Alcohol. "Meagan look at me. "Have you Every Had Alcohol?" I shook my Head "Nope and I. Don't plain on it." "Oh come on that's what a party is about." She pored some Scotch in glasses and Handed me one. I looked down at it and Chugged it down. Meagan smiled then Chugged her's "Not bad" I said looking down at the Glasses "want more?" I shook my head "nah I'm Good For Now."


    We heard People ringing the Door Bell Meagan Shouted "PARTY!". I know I'm suppose to Party and have Fun but I can't Stop thinking about all the Crap that's been Going Down Lately. I know I said I was up To Party But I just Don't Know I have a Lot on my mind right now and I thinking Getting Drunk won't help anything.


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