I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


8. My Dad..

That morning I Woke up, I looked over at the right side where Dylan was laying but he was gone. I got up and Put his shirt a shorts on that he laid out for me Yesterday.  When I got Dressed I went down stair and I turned the corner to go in the kitchen. I stopped because I head voices Talking. "Dylan I think she's losing it" I heard Meagan Say in almost a whisper "I just don't know. I mean I believe her but her waking up last night like that..It gave me a weird feeling." I could hear a bit if sadness in his voice. "Maybe she going Crazy. Maybe she finally snapped and killed her grandma." "Meagan come on..Destiny couldn't kill anyone and I thought you believed her?" "Dylan just in case she can see the dead. When my mom goes I want to still talk to her." "So that's the only reason your nice to her?" "Part of it..but I'm Telling you Dylan she not right in her head." I turned the corner and Crossed my arms and looked at both of them. "I'm Not Crazy." Dylan stepped closer to me. "No ones saying you are." "Bullshit I just heard what Y'all were talking about." 

I turned Around ran Back up stairs Grabbed my Car keys and my wet clothes And started to head out the front door when Dylan Grabbed my Arm and spun me around and threw back my arm for him to let go. "Don't touch me." "Why are you acting like this?" "Acting like what someone Crazy?...All I've been doing is trying to Proctor all of you and you want to call me Crazy?" Megan stepped in Crossed her arms and looked at me. "Don't you see Destiny Your the Reason why that thing is here in the first place".

I looked at Dylan and Meagan both with a slit hatred "both of you can go to hell." I stormed out the house got in my car and Left. I pulled up to my House to See a Old Black Chevy pick up Truck in our drive way and 2 cop cars in front. I parked my car behind the Chevy. Got out an walked in the house I see officer Higens and officer Miles standing there with 2 other officers and the Guy from my Dreams. "Destiny" I heard officers Higens voice. "Yea?" I asked with a bit of fear in my voice. "This is Your father Mark." My Father out of everyone my Father. why the hell is he here! I just wanted to scream all the anger towards him clawed at my insides. " you can Leave Anytime." I looked at him With hate running all Threw my Body. I ran up stairs in my room and slammed my door. Trying to hold back Tears. I heard a knock on my door and I opened it "what!?" I shouted, Stood in front of me was officer Miles the younger Cop. "Can we talked?" I nodded "why Not." We went over to my bed and Sat down."Destiny I understand the Hate and the anger you have towards your dad." I rolled my eyes "sure you do." "I do ..Why do you think me and my grandpa were So close?..my dad left me when I was 2 and my mom Died when I Was 5. So all I had was my Grandpa and my Father didn't come back into my life in till I was 15.But I still Gave my Father a chance. And I'm Sorry about your grandma." I looked down "my mom left me Because who I am and What I can Do and My father Did the Same Thing.He Never gave me a Chance so Why Should I Give Him One?" Officer Miles Stood Up and Got ready to Walk out the Door When He turned around and Smiled at Me "Because Your a Better Person Then He could Ever Be." And With that He walked back down stairs. 

About 10 minutes later I got the Nerves to go down Stairs. The Cops had already Left so it was Just Me and Him. When I got down stairs I Seen Him in The Living Room sitting Down on My grandma's chair and Looking at Baby pictures of me. "How could you just leave me?" I asked Stepping in to the living room. He Stood Up and Looked at me. "I ask My Self That Everyday." "Why Did You Leave me Huh?" He looked down "Destiny I was scarred Your mother Left me With You and I was Scarred." "Scarred of What You Can See what I can So what were You so scarred of?" "Not being a good father." " so you left me? You know I Would Liked To Have a Crappy Father Then No Father." He looked down And Let out a breather "Im Sorry Destiny." "Are you Really?" "Yes after Your Mom left She Started a New Life With New Kids she Blamed me For What You Can See. But I know what You can See and I didn't Start a New life because I always had You on my mind so yea I'm Really sorry." "Why did you come back? Beside Grandma dying." " I wanted to See You And I have a feeling Something Really bad Is Gonna Happen I've Been Trying To Warn You." "Your the one who's Giving me Those dream." "Sharing That Dream.. I started having that Dream about you a month ago." 

I heard James Voice coming from behind me "Destiny." I turned around and looked him. "Did you find anything Else out?" " you can have a exorcism To Send Him back to Hell." My dad stood Next to me "what do you mean back go hell?" My dad Added. James looked and him and waved his hand in front of Mark's (my Dad) face. "Wait you can see me?"  Mark Nodded " yea I can See you." James looked at me " who is this Guy Destiny?" I looked at Mark then at James "My dad." Mark cut in " okay what do you mean back to hell?" James shook his head trying to Remember what he said "oh yea..Destiny Remember when he said he did All those bad thing when he was alive? Then he said he came back as what he is now?" I nodded an James kept talking. "Not true when he died He had to go threw his door he didn't get a choice but when he went threw his door he went to hell and when he went to hell he made like a deal with the Devil." I had confused look on my Face "what kinda deal James?" "To get as many Souls as he could for the Devil but only if the Devil made him into what he is Now." 

Oh great Now we Need to have a exorcism? Who can I Find to do that? Do you need a priest or a pastor and then it hits me Pastor Lewis. I looked at Mark and James "well if we need to have a Exorcism to get rid of this thing. Lets Do it but I'm gonna go the church me and my grandma Use to go to and Asked Pastor Lewis.To help" Mark Nodded "I'll go with you and then hopeful by to Night This This Will be Gone." "Took out my phone and looked at the time "4:25..that gives us about a few hours if we wanna do this by Night Time." Mark Smiled at Me "sounds like a plane."

It feels weird talking to mark its like he Knows more then he should. I don't know how or why but maybe it's Good he came. We can Finally get rid of this thing.

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