I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


2. Bad Dream

 I laid in Bed all night just thinking about what that thing was. I head James voice "Destiny what's wrong I'm Getting Really Worried."  I looked over to see him sitting on my bed. I took a deep breath "did you see a black thing in the road earlier to day?"  He shook his head. "No...is that why you Stopped in the middle of traffic?" I nodded "it gave me this horrible feeling and I still can't get over it..And maybe thats why so many accidents be happening"" I don't get how you could see it and I couldn't and I'm dead." I shook my head "I don't know either..I've been Trying to Figure out what it is and why it's here". "What do you think it was?" "From the way it made me feel...I think it's something really Evil" 
     James sat there "ill ask around and See if anyone knows about it." He smiled Then Vanished. "Gosh I really Hate when they do that." 
          Around 10:30 pm "Destiny!" I heard my Grandma yell. I got up from my bed and Went down Stairs to see two cops standing at our door. One was a older man that was clean cut and the other was a younger man with a patch of hair on his chin. I looked at my Grandma "did I do something Wrong?" My grandma shook her head. "They need your help" I looked at both of the cops "what can I help you with" I asked kinda rudely.  The older man step closer to me " we heard..you have a gift" oh Great what else can my life throw in my face?. I crossed my arms and looked at both of them "and?" "Well do you?" No I don't is what I wanted to say. The last thing I need is people to think I'm some kinda Freak. Oh wait they already think that so I guess I really don't have anything to lose. 
        I nodded "yea." "We won't tell people you helped us if that's what your worried about" "everyone already know..I'm a freak" "Destiny Your Not a freak" my grandma shouted. I looked  at the cop "so what can I Help with?"  "Do you know why so many people are dying?" "When people dye like that half of them don't remember how it happen. Because it happen was to fast." The younger guy looked at the older man "I told you she wasn't gonna be any help." I see a old man standing out side in my front yard. I pushed threw the cops and walked up to the old man. "Need help" he looked at he "you can see me?" He asked with a smile on his face?. I nodded "I can" "that young man ..is my grandson." I looked behind me at the younger guy. "You watch him don't you?" He nodded "all the time...tell him You Can't go back to Sleep if you don't wake up. Then he'll believe you " I walked up to the man. "You can't go back to sleep if you don't wake up." His eyes widen "what did you just say?" "You just heard me . Your grandpa watches you" the old man popped up Next to me "tell him I'm proud of him" "he's very proud of you". 
The cop smiled "I know you are paps". I looked at both of the cops "believe me Now?" They both nodded ."Good..if I find out why people keep dying ill let you know." The older man smiled "thank you" and the younger man added "sorry I didn't believe you". Then they both left.
           My grandma looked at me. "And I'm so proud of you." I smiled "I try but sometimes it get so hard" she nodded "I know honey" "and you know the worst part about this hole thing is People think I'm lying" my grandma hugged me "one day you'll show everyone wrong." I hope so I sick of people telling me it's just in my head or that I made the hole thing up sometime I wish people could live my life for one day. And then they will know its all true. Just because they don't see it doesn't mean they aren't there. I looked up the stair "I'm gonna go to bed." She smiled "you need it" "I know" I kissed her cheek and went back up Stair to my room,got Dressed in my PJ's then went to bed.
       I was running away from something but I don't know what. then I fell in a pool of blood. I couldn't see anything around me but darkness. Then that horrible feeling can back . I tried to swim out if the blood but every time it seemed like I was getting closer to the edge. I was getting farther away from it at the same time. I tried to scream but I couldn't, Something was holding me back from Screaming .Out of the corner of my eye I seen that black figure again. But when I screamed again and this time it came out. I shot up in bed  breathing hard and my Grandma rushed in. she was In her robe and slippers, I looked over at my clock 4:56 am. 
          My grandma held me "Destiny What was it?" " I was in a pool of blood but darkness was all around me. And I couldn't get out of it , but that black figure thing was there." I had tears in my eyes. "It's okay Destiny it was only a dream." I started to Cry "but what a bout if it wasn't ..What about if it was a warning or something" "honey maybe it wasn't" "grandma you always told me to trust my gut and earlier when I seen that thing I had a feeling like something really bad was gonna happen."
     My grandma looked at  me "Destiny Do you have any idea what it is?" I shook my head "only that it's something really evil." My Grandma got a worry look on her face. "Was James with you?" I nodded "he's always with me" "well did he see it?" "I asked and he said he didn't that doesn't make any Senses. He can always see what i see, but this time he couldn't.." "That's Odd. If you see this thing again Stay away from it..Promise?" I let out a breath "then how am I suppose to know what it is." "Destiny please" I shook my head "I can't do that if something bad is gonna happen. I can try to Stop it. Before it happen." "Destiny I know honey but you can get hurt". I looked down "I know but other people can get hurt or even Die". My grandma sat there holding my hand. "Fine..just be careful" "I'm always am." She shook her head "but your not" I gave fake laughed " I know." 
        My grandma got up from my bed and headed back to her room.  I laid In my bed, In till it was time for me to get up from School. I heard my Alarm go off but I didn't Shut it off. I didn't Even move, that dream scarred the shit out of me. I don't know what it meant or why I had it. I just need to find out what this thing is. 

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