I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


3. Almost Normal (But Not Quite)

     My Alarm was still going off when my grandma came in my room about 20 mins later. I was still laying there "school" she said crossing her arms And looking at me. But I still laid there I felt kinda lifeless. She walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder "Destiny, you can't miss anymore school." I looked up at her "I know" I really couldn't I don't know how many days I've missed or how many time I've walked out of the Class room and just left. So I really didn't have a choice I had to go to school.  I sat up in my bed for a few mins just thinking about that black figure thing and I couldn't stop thinking about that dream I had. 

    I got out of bed threw my hair in a messy bun didn't even worry about putting on Make up, I put a Zebra printed T-Shirt on And a pair of short and my shoes. I grabbed my bag , my phone and went Down stairs. "now missy when It gets hard call me don't leave." I nodded my head not saying anything I just grabbed my car keys and went out the door. I got in my car and seen James "Destiny , Your Right it's something Really Evil." I looked at James "okay and?" "And the reason why I couldn't see it, is because it can hide its self ." Wait it can hide its Self then Why could I see It? I started the car and started driving to school. "You said it can hide its Self." He nodded "that's what they say." "Then why could I see it?" He shrugged "I'm still trying to figure that part out." I parked in the schools parking lot. I looked over at the passenger side and James was Gone. I grabbed my bag and got out of my car. 

   I started walking into school when I heard someone Yell my name. I ignored it because I thought it was James messing with me so I kept walking. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to See Dylan standing there "I take it you didn't hear me?" I shook my head "no sorry" Oh yes I did but I thought you were dead but I couldn't say that. "It's cool. So I'm having a party this Friday thought you would like to come?." I looked at him kinda confused because. Everyone talks about me just Never to me because they think I'm a freak. "Your being for real right?" He looked at me Now kinda confused "for real about what?" "About inviting me to your party...You know everyone thinks I'm wired right?" He nodded "yea I know and I was thinking about you last night and I thought it was time for someone to really get to know you and everyone is a little wired so its okay" he smiled at me. "Then I'll go" I smiled "can I have your number so I can text you my addresses?" Dylan held his hand on the back of his Neck. "Sure" I gave him my number and he program it in his phone. "Thanks... Want me to walk with you to class?" He said kinda nervously  I smiled "that would be nice."
         Dylan and I started to walk to class. "Won't Meagan be mad that you invited me to your party tho?" He shrugged "it's my party so let her." We got to class and we walked in together . There was like maybe 5 people already in there. I went back and Sat in my seat and Dylan Sat in his  .  He looked back at me and smiled and I smiled back . "Destiny happy to see your joining us this morning" "yea sorry about yesterday ." For the first Time Mr.Henson smiled at me "it's fine" he was being quite nice to me today and he's usually the meanest person to me. I head Mrs.Henson voice "I prove to him last night you weren't lying." I looked over and seen her in the Seat next to mine "how? I thought it takes way to much of your energy to do that.?" I said quietly. "It does but it was worth it. And I'll get it back" "your kinda faded tho" I said worried.  

       Ghost what most people call them build up energy after so long. The longer their dead more energy they get it keeps them strong so other ghost can't get steal their light a ghost's light is their energy source . Once their light is gone ,they Have to go threw their door and their door decides where they end up heaven or Hell. Some ghost just give their energy up to get there door faster, then some don't want to leave because they're scarred where there gonna end up and then there's some like Mrs.Henson that watches over the ones they love.So they Try to stay Strong enough so they don't have to leave.

        Mrs.Henson let out a breath "I know but he believes you now. And I'll get my light back" Then she Vanished. I heard the bell wring and the rest of the class came in. I seen Meagan Walk in with a pissed off look on her face. She stopped In front of Dylan "where were you this morning we were suppose to talk about your me party" he looked back at me and smiled " I was busy." Then Meagan looked at me with a hatred look. Then sat Down In her Seat with her arms Cross. 

       Mr.Henson started talking about who Elizabeth Short was. But like any 17 year old girl I started to think about my crush. So yes I started to think about Dylan.  I mean Why now? Why does he want to get to know me now. We've been in the same classes since 3rd Grade. Better late then Never I guess.
         I heard the the bell wring for second period .Everyone got up out of their seats,I got up,grabbed my bag and started heading out the door then I felt some one grab my arm I turned around and seen Dylan. "Wait for me" he said with this really cute voice. I smiled And walked out into the hall way with him. We started walking to our history class when I seen that black figure again in the middle of the hall way . I stopped walking and I got that really bad feeling again. I had tears in my eyes ,Dylan looked at me "Destiny what is it." I didn't say anything I just stood there looking at that thing. The bell wrong again, everyone rushed in to their classes but Dylan and I Stood there in the hall way. "Destiny" he shook me. I closed my eyes I could feel his hands on my face "Destiny look at me" it took me a second  but I open my eyes and seen Dylan  standing Right in Front of me. "I'm sorry" I said quietly, he shook his head "there's no need to be sorry... But please tell me what was that about." I looked down and shook my head "your would think i'm crazy if I told you." "I hear what people say about you but I don't believe them ..I don't think your a freak or Even Crazy ...I believe in the supernatural and won't judge you if you tell me." That's probably nicest thing some ones ever said to me. 
      I took a deep breath. "I'll tell you when I'm ready to tell you..but right now I'm Not." "Alright I understand..ill uh give you time" he smiled. We heard someone yell from down the hall we turned around and seen Mr.Henson. Crap forgot this Is his free period "shouldn't you Two be in class?" He said kinda angrily. Then he looked at me "we're sorry" Dylan said looking at Mr.Henson "ill give you a late pass Dylan But Destiny I need to talk to you." I nodded "okay" i said kinda scarred. He wrote Dylan a late pass and then Mr.Henson and I walked back to his room. He shut the door "sit" I sat on top of one of the desks In The front row. Then Mr.Henson leaned against his desk and Crossed his arms. "So your wife prove to you last nigh I'm telling the truth." He nodded " I seen her standing over the coffee table when i got home then I looked down and seen a note. She wrote me explaining Everything."  "You mean about my gift?." He nodded "I'm sorry No one believes you" "They Don't Believe because they don't see what i see."
     I sat there talking to Mr.Henson for a hour about pretty much Everything. Then I started thinking, before I seen that thing to day in the hall. I was Almost Normal I wasn't Screaming at James. Dylan Synders invited me to a Party and then started to talk to me like a normal human. I mean Just for a second I was normal and then That stupid thing had to show up and I was a freak again.

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