I See The Dead.

17 Year Old Destiny has a gift that NO one really Understands. She can't Ever have a normal life that she wanted. But things get a bit Easier for her. when her Crush Dylan starts to fall for her and wanting to understand.But Evil enters Her life and she has to fight for ever one who Never believed her in the first place.

Question is. Would You Ever Fight for people that Never believed you? And people that made your life a living Hell?


9. All Comes Out.

I Went up Stair to Get Dressed out of Dylan's Clothes ,When Some one started calling me.I looked down at my phone and it was Dylan. I stood there looking at my phone for a few Seconds then I answered it 
~"what do you want?"~
~"look I know your mad at me and Meagan Both...but Meagan's Mom is in the Hospital and She not Doing very Good. The doctor Said She might Not make it She Might be Gone in like a Hour."~
~"And what do you want me to do about it?"~
~"Destiny,Meagan Wants you Here"~ 
I stood there with the phone Up against my Ear thinking.
~"No,No one was there in the hospital Yesterday with me When my grandma Died."~
~"Destiny come one don't be like this."~ 
~"To late Dylan..You out of Everyone I thought you would of been there with me Yesterday...but you Weren't I was there for About 2 hours and you weren't there...but you can Be there for Meagan and I don't need to be There."~
~"you said it was okay for me to go back to the party and stop it."~
~"and you said when you got there. Meagan already shut the party down, so what you just stayed there for about 2 hours doing what?"~
~"what are you trying to Get at Destiny."~
~" what I'm trying to get at? Lose my number and Leave me alone."~ and with that I hung up the phone. 
I Turned around and Tossed my phone on my bed And James popped up Next To My door. "Destiny You Should Go." I shook my head "no I Shouldn't." Then I heard my Grandma's Voice coming from behind me "sweet heart you should." I turned around and looked at her "why?" "Because your a better person then them." "You know a lot of people been telling me that but I don't feel like its true." "Oh honey it is. You have such a big heart, Go do the right thing." Next thing I Know James And my grandma Both were gone. 

I went down stairs and Seen Mark Waiting Next to the door. "Um I need to do something before we can Do this." Mark nodded his head "go do what you need to do, I'll be here,  I'll uh try to Find more out about that thing" he smiled. I smiled back "thank you". I grabbed my car key head out to my car got In and Drove to the hospital. When I got to the hospital I parked my car and Went in I talk to the nurse at the front counter and he let me go back. I got to the Room Meagan's mom was In. I see Meagan Laying at her bed Side With her dad and I seen Dylan Standing up in the corner. I knocked on the door and Meagan Turned back and looked at me "you made it." She smiled but I couldn't help but see the tears fill her eyes. I nodded "that I did." Dylan Looked at me "can We Talk?" I let out a breath "Sure." We left the room and Went out side and sat down on a bench that was against the Hospital. "Why are you mad at Us?" " your really gonna ask me that?" He nodded "yea I am." "Conversation from this morning. And Yesterday What took you 2 hours I'm mean Where you cleaning?" He shook his head "really want to know?" " I would like to." He looked down like he was ashamed of something "Me and Meagan um we uh" and I knew from that what he was gonna say. I stood up not wanting to be near him " okay save it I already know what your gonna Say" he stood up "Destiny I'm Sorry things Just happened." " I'm sorry to. Your the guy I thought you were.. I gave you something I can't get back so Yea I'm Sorry To." I wanted To Cry but I didn't. I started to Walk In the hospital but Dylan Grabbed me by waist turned me around and brought me Close to him but I pushed him away. "Don't ..what ever we were its done with." " that's it?" I nodded "that's it" I repeated and Went back In the hospital and Dylan followed me.  We got to the room and Meagan's dad was Gone But Meagan was still there. She looked at me " what changed your mind?" "I reminded my self I was A better person Then You Guys. And Thinks for telling you and Dylan Fucked Yesterday." Meagan's Eyes got big "Destiny I'm Sorry it was a Mistake" "really? Like calling me Crazy was a mistake To or Saying that it gave you a weird feeling because I had a bad dream then Y'all expect me come here and be here for you?" Meagan Looked at me "Destiny We need you." I shook my head "we aren't Even Friends remember ...Your just nice to me because of your mom." I went to walk out the door but Dylan got in my way. "Destiny You can't just leave like this." "I have better things to do with my time then being here." "I'm the reason why people know you I made you." I seen James standing behind Dylan. "Your the reason why people know me? And you made me oh wow you have a bigger ego then I thought. No people know me because they think I'm Crazy and you didn't make me I'm the same person I was when you found me." "Your such a Bi-" before he could finish saying Bitch I balled my hand in to a fist and Punched him he stumbled backwards a little "and your a ass hole." I walked away like a G. But I shook out my hand When I got out of the Hospital because Damn he had a hard Face.

When I got to my car I seen James smiling and sitting in the passages seat. I got in the Car and started it. "Have I ever told you how proud I am of you" he said smiling. I started driving back to the house. I looked over at James "he really pissed me off." "Oh honey I could see." I heard my phone going off and it was Dylan Again. I didn't even bothered answering it. I got back to my house when I seen Marks Truck wasn't in the Drive way. 

I  out of my Car when I heard a Strange females Voice behind me "Are you Destiny?" I turned around and See Meagan's Mom. "I am" "can you help me Get a hold of my Daughter please I didn't get to say Good Bye." I know how it's feel To not get to say good bye ,but I really wanted to  Help but I Couldn't. I know She's Meagan's mom but what just happen. i just couldn't,I shook my head "I can't help you I'm Sorry" "please I'm begging you..I just want to say goodbye". I heard Sadness threw her voice.

I took a Deep Breath "alright." I pulled out my phone and Called Dylan. Dylan answered His phone. 
~"What Do You want?"~
~"You Just called me like 5 mins ago and Now Your Being a Ass?"~
~"I'm sorry I just got punched in the face"~
~"if your expecting me to say sorry..It's not gonna happen"~
~"then why did you call?"~ 
~"Meagan...Her mom"~
Dylan Cut me off 
~"Yea her mom's gone..Destiny that's Why I called You"~
~"well come to my house I'm in. The front Yard..Her Mom Wants To say GoodBye"~
Dylan Hung up. "I can't believe you Ever liked that guy" James Snapped. I looked at him "not to long ago you Told me To Hit that" James Laughed "I didn't think you would". Meagan Mom Stepping In "You got with Dylan?" I nodded "I would be lying if I said No." "Meagan and Dylan be dating for Ever." "Wait what?" She nodded "yea you didn't know that?" I shook my Head. "I know now."
Why wouldn't Dylan Tell me Hell why wouldn't Meagan Tell me. I hate liars more then anything. Or people That keep things from me. Worst feeling in the world.

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