Everything is Dark.

Laura ser sin far mishandle hendes søster og det bliver starten på hendes frygt.
Hun vågner op i en skov og har ingen ide omkring hvad der er sket. Selv et helt år efter, er hun stadig ikke sikker på det. Politiet har endnu ikke fanget deres far. Og folk tror han er død, men ikke Laura...
Hun tror at han leder efter dem, for at færdiggøre hvad han startede og for at slå Laura ihjel....

Dette bliver Lauras flugt..

-Historien er på engelsk-


3. ''Underneath my skin''

It's been over a year, since the dark took over my fathers body, and that I suddenly was in the woods. My mother have been watching and taking care of my sister and I. She's still scared and possibly always will. Let me tell you what happend after I got home from the Hostpital. 

One year before..

I've just got home, home from safe, home from those people who thought I ran away, but they didn't knew the story. Only me, my sister and my mother knew. We know that my father had been going crazy by drinking all day long. The evil had taking over. Maybe I should hate him, for what he have done. But I'm not, he made me stronger, stronger than nobody could ever imagine...

At our home, the only thing I thought about was -kill me- I hate to know that we're in his home, it didn't even felt like home anymore. Only because of what he did. 

My mother told me how sad she was, she knew that we wanted to move out, and we did. 1 month later, we moved into a little house in North Ohio. It's a new city, a new house and a new school. Before we lived in New York. 

Back to today

Then I started in the new school. I got a lot of new friends. My sister... She first started in school last month. She has been talking to a lot of psychologists. I feel so bad for her, so much that sometimes or everyday... I wish that it was me, who got the pain from my father. Anyway... The police didn't got him and he is still missing, which is really bad. Maybe his dead. My mother thinks that, but not me... I think that he is looking for us, To end what he startet and to kill me...

I said my sister has been talking to some people. They thought that I also should start talking to them, but I didn't want to. Hell no! I didn't get in pain (or not that much) I didn't lose my memory. I can still remember everything. Maybe more...

It's funny, lately I have seen things that I've done and not knowing how or even why. Like when I knew my fathers every single move, and for about three months ago. I was on our rooftop, just to take some are and breath. I was stressed. But yeah. To make it clear, I almost fell down, and when I thought I was going to die (mostly because we live in a high tower) yeah, it was like my body knew what to do, it turned my foot away, so I wouldn't fall. I was surprised. I have and I wont tell anyone until I'm sure of what it is

Today it's monday and I'm almost ready to go to school. I promised my mother that I would start writing diary. She thinks it would help me to understand my self. And maybe it will ''The time will show'' I read it in one of those books we got at school. It's called -Underneath my skin- it's a pretty good book. I like the story about this bou, who is trying to help his uncle, and his own life is like a movie. He's different, and nobody knows that beside him. I wish I would meet him some day. No words only me..

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