Everything is Dark.

Laura ser sin far mishandle hendes søster og det bliver starten på hendes frygt.
Hun vågner op i en skov og har ingen ide omkring hvad der er sket. Selv et helt år efter, er hun stadig ikke sikker på det. Politiet har endnu ikke fanget deres far. Og folk tror han er død, men ikke Laura...
Hun tror at han leder efter dem, for at færdiggøre hvad han startede og for at slå Laura ihjel....

Dette bliver Lauras flugt..

-Historien er på engelsk-


2. Everything is Dark

He saw me...He saw me standing in the door. Watching what he was doing to that girl.. He looked at me, with anger in his eyes. Ready to hit me, ready to hurt me, ready to make me feel the pain.

I thought I was scared, but I wasn't... I was okay. Even though that I saw my own father treat my sister in such an awefull way. I could hear her screaming...

Then suddenly, he stood up, slowly walking toward me. You could see, how he was making sure that I didn't ran away. But I knew every move, that he was going to make. It was like I could read his minds. I didn't even know how..

Right before he was going to strangle me, I looked deep in his eyes ''dont do it dad'' a little voice said. We both turned out heads, to my sister. I saw for the first time, how she was in pain. Her body was covered in blood, and her clothes was on the floor. ''Dont do it dad'' she said again. Her eyes was full of love, sadness and hope. It made me want to cry, but I didn't.

Instead, I just laughed out LOUD. My father looked at me, like if I was crazy and maybe I was. Crazy to stand in front of my psyko dad and I did'nt even ran away, I did'nt call for help, I did'nt do anything. And then... Everthing went dark.


I woke up. Waking up and not knowing what happend. That's a feeling I only know when I'm drunk. That's a feeling my friends are waking up to, every morning. But there was another feeling to. A fearless feeling, but still... I didn't knew where I was. 

I open my eyes after I was sure that nobody was around. It was a dark place. Dark as the night. Dark as my fear.

I saw light, it was like it came down to me ''are you an angel?'' I asked, but got no answers. The light came near, it looked like it moved. I could hear voices ''There's something over here'' A deep voice said. What did they mean by -something- something what? ''It's a person'' I could hear them yelling. 

I felt like something, something, someone, some everthing, who touched my head 'she's bleeding! Come over here and help!'' more voices. ''Call an ambulance!'' And then I fell asleep. 

When I woke up, everything was white and smelt like -clean- ''Oh god your awake, honey it's mommy. Dad is gone'' Mommy? Dad? I didn't remembered what happend. My mind was gone, it all was gone. 

Everything was Dark..


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