The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


6. Which Asians? -RoRo



What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you are presented with the word- ‘Asian’?

Communalism? Nawh.

Small eyes people, am I correct?

Well, if that’s your idea. You’re wrong!

When I say European, we include all the European countries, surprisingly even Russia, when most of the land it has is in Asia.

Asia not only includes China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, or any other country with small-eyed population.

It includes Russia, India, United Emirates Arab, Pakistan, Afghanistan among other countries.

But why not include them?

No. Clue.

I saw this dumb video where one person (from God knows where) was claiming that Russians and Indians are not Asian. By Asian, it doesn’t automatically mean- small-eyed population.

Just like European, doesn’t mean the physical looks of people from England. It includes Scotland and various other countries that have different physical structures. (No Hate There)

So, today, I’m going to be talking about South- East Asian Stereotypes.

1) All South-East Asians wear glasses

From what people believe is to be true, it’s because those Asian parents make Asian kids read so much that they mess up their eyesight. WRONG.

South-East Asians have a genetic predisposition to myopia (short-sightedness), so don’t blame them. And it’s not because they have small eyes.

~RoRo Talks About Small Eyes: I have small eyes. Yes, I do. I had this friend come up to me and tell me (I have bad eyesight, very bad eyesight) “It's alright if you can't see, you've got small eyes...” Some friend.~


2) All South-East Asians are Smart, aka, Super Nerdy

No. That’s impossible. As much as I would like to believe it, it’s false. Facially I look like a South-East Asian, so I should qualify to be a super nerd. But the thing is, I suck at math. I’m so bad that the teacher literally cried to have me out of her class (Yeah, true story).

If that was the case then All Europeans are playwrights, All Americans are software geniuses, and what not. (No Hate There)

So yeah, all South-East Asians are not smart, for further clarification watch K-Dramas, or J-Dramas, you’ll have enough proof.


3) South-East Asian Males are Misogynists

Honestly. Wow. Impossible. Japan is one of the countries where even the prostitutes are treated with dignity. They are called Geisha’s and they’re of a higher class than many people there. Now, if prostitutes get such a high status, won’t normal women follow?

Now, yes, you may point out that the gender equality sucks in South East Asia, or Asia. Well, so it does in the entire world. I don’t mean to be a misandrist, but women have always been discriminated against, in all parts of the world. Even in the western world, some men don’t like having to work under females bosses. I don’t know why. But that is the truth.

You can’t stereotype a nationality into Misogynists. Misogynists are not restricted to one area. They exist everywhere.


4) South-East Asian Parents are Strict & Conservative

Nope. Some may be strict and conservative, but that is all. Not ALL parents are like that. C’mon. Even in the western world some parents may be strict and conservative. It’s not just in South-East Asia. IT affects the whole world. What are people trying to do? Throw in all the negative aspects of the world in South-East Asia?


5) South-East Asians Have Bad English

Nope. No one can have bad English. People can be bad at speaking English. Now look, they are known to speak their own native tongue, so of course they will rock at that. Also, if a non-south-east Asian were to speak a South-East Asian language, he will be bad at it. Give people time to learn it. Don’t judge before you know.

Even the English can make mistake in speaking English (No Hate There). Have you seen the Sherlock episode where one convict was speaking all messed up English and Holmes was correcting it every time?

Not knowing English is not the end of the world. A person can be smarter than everybody is, but not know English.


6) South- East Asians are Bad at Athletics

Really? Then why not just stop all sports in South-East Asia? I really don’t see any base here. Most of the books we read or movies we see there’s this kid who gets picked last in gym class, now we don’t go run about and say- “AMERICANS ARE BAD AT ATHLETICS!!”


7) South-East Asians have bad Fashion Sense

Yeah, right. What is Ulzaang and Gyaru then? The western is borrowing Korean style to a certain extent. K-pop, anyone? Exo? Girl’s Generation? Case. Closed.


8) All Asians look Alike

What the hell? That means that we’re like robots, are we? All Asians do not look alike. Don’t try to hide your bad eye sight under the pretext of South-East Asians looking the same.


Those were the eight points. I’m sorry if I spoke rudely about your nation/country/creed/colour or anything. I didn’t mean it. Those weren’t insults. They were examples. I’m really sorry. If you think I have defamed, do let me know and I will erase it.


Thank you for reading.


Sayonara :D



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