The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


8. Ultimate Asian Stereotypes -Night

Hi again. I’m back!


I know RoRo already published a chapter on Asian stereotypes but I suddenly felt motivated so I started one as well. I won’t go through the ones that have already been said, but I hope you realise that there are dozens of stereotypes everywhere, beyond the ones on this movella. I shall now prove that to you.

Please enjoy!

Also, I’m actually Asian myself (half Filipino, half Indonesian) so...yeah, you can take my word for it that all of this is legit.

So, on to the list!!!!

Brace yourself.


1. Asian’s are short, small etc.

This is mean!!! I’ve been called short, and I hate it!! So what if Asian countries’ average height is lower than western countries? We’re not all short!! Some of us are definitely tall! What if we were compared to an ant? We’re not short, we’re giants!! And what if we compared you to a giraffe? Who’s short now, huh? We’re all human, okay, no one’s short and no one’s tall, we’re just a little different. :)

2. Asian’s eat rice everyday

Okay, I do admit I eat rice ALOT, and I eat rice for breakfast and I eat rice for lunch and I eat rice for dinner, but at least I don’t have it for snack or dessert. And it’s not like we have it EVERYDAY, I mean come on, having it for every meal is already bad enough. Sometimes we have noodles, or even Mcdonalds. I have Asian friends who would always try to get out of eating rice because they get sick of it. It’s not like we like it! Our diets do not only consist of rice!!! We have other foods as well!! It’s like the equivalent for bread or potatoes or whatever for Westerners.

3. Asians find no shame in slurping

How rude!! I don’t even know where this stereotype came from! We have our dignity! And who cares if people slurp soup or whatever? In some cultures, it is done as a sign of praising the meal and saying it’s tasty to chefs. Why should it be shameful?

4. Asians have little surname variety

Sure, we have the Trans and the Nguyens and the Phams and the Lins and all those other ‘common’ names. You all think, ‘Ah, all Asians have the same/similar last names,’ BUT can’t we say the same for you??? Don’t Westerners have all these Smiths and Browns and Williams? You guys have commons names too! Okay, let me just say, my maths class is 100% Asian and there is not a single person who shares the same last name with more than one other person. Asians are PROUD of their surnames, thank you very much! And, it also means that they’re very communal and collective and close with each other, that they’re all like family! Isn’t that nice?

Okay, from this moment, I get really lazy so I’m just going to start listing stereotypes without explaining them. You’re all a shrewd bunch and I made them all pretty self-explanatory, so you should have no problems. Even if you don’t happen to understand some, feel free to comment and ask. I’ll be happy to clarify things for you.

5. Doctor is the best aspiration

6. Asians are terrible drivers

7. Asians talk really loudly

8. Asians make their kids learn piano or violin, preferably at a concert level

9. Asians love bubble tea

10. Asians eat strange things like shark fin or fish eyes or chicken feet

11. Asians think holidays are an opportunity to get ahead of others

12. Asians wear slippers inside the house

13. Asians go to an Asian language school

14. Asians sing karaoke

15. Asians drink tea all the time

16. Asians eat dogs

17. Everyday conversation involves ‘Have you studied yet?’

18. Asian parents think their children shouldn’t date until university and even then is too young  

19. Every conversation from parents turns out to be a life lesson

20. Asians are cheap and stingy and love to bargain

21. Asian parents love to compare their children with others

22. There is little reason to go out when time could instead be used for studying

23Asians have a piano in their living room

24. Asian parents are strict and conservative

25. Asians have terrible accents

26. We also apparently can’t see

27. Asians love Jpop and Kpop even though they don’t understand the language

28. Asians use these emoticons: ^^, ><, O.O, T_T etc.

29. Good at ping pong

30. When Asian parents get together, they chat for ages non stop

31. Asians get tutoring because 6 hours of school is for lazy people

32. For Asians, A=Average, B=Bad, C=Crap, D=Disowned, F=The f word(I was raised not to say it)

33. Asians have some sort of kung fu powers

34. Old Asians get together and learn Tai Chi

35. Tiger balm is their secret weapon



I told you there were a lot, didn’t I?

I personally really like no. 4, 11, 19, 32 and 35.......

Well, there you go. As you know, stereotypes are called stereotypes because they are, in many cases, NOT TRUE!

I know some might seem nice and complimentary and all like ‘Asians are smart’ so it seems flattering, but some are also really insulting, so please keep this in mind!

That’s all for today.

As always, thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

- Night  

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