The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


4. Typical Indian Stereotypes- Bipolaroid


"In India, even exceptions run into millions" 

- Nirad Chaudhury


Stereotypes are found everywhere, from Aussies riding dingoes to Asians being good at math. And thanks to these stereotypes, it has given rise to discrimination and racial hate.

The thing is, most of them aren't true. Some are so ridiculous, it’s surprising people choose to believe them in the first place. 


So I'm here to break some mental blocks today about my country, India.


Let's begin with the typical Indian stereotypes.


India has only one season- Summer

Alright, India is a pretty hot country (thanks to its geographical location) during summer but it doesn't have only on season throughout the year. It has four seasons-winter,summer, monsoon, and a post-monsoon. And the climate varies from place to place. From frozen lakes in the north to the sunny beaches in the south, torrential rains of the east to deserts in the west.



Indian society is extremely conservative

But it is not as conservative as it is portrayed. Indians don't prohibit their children from interacting with the opposite sex or having any friends. In fact some parents have been quite liberal. A few of my friends have gotten tattoos with their parents permission. Girls are permitted to wear whatever the heck they want(although there are some lame political parties who are against it), live in relationships are legal and for a while gay marriage was legal too.(I'll talk about this in a different chapter)



All Indians are dark, hairy and look the same

This is so not true. Just like we have different climates, we have different skin tones according to which region we live in. But yes, majority of Indians have a medium brown skin tone. Majority, NOT ALL. You may find that South Indians are dark but that is because they are from a Negroid or Dravidian origin.

By hairy you mean a lot of hair on the head, yes again. Indians have lovely, thick hair.But if you mean excessive body hair like a werewolf’s; I guess it differs from person to person or region. Indians hailing from the North Eastern states are from a Mongoloid origin are are pretty much hairless. No, all Indians do not look the same. Everyone is different. Each region has its own characteristic features. I've mentioned about different origins so you can guess how people differ.



Indians worship a bazillion Gods

Yes and no. India is a birthplace of four major religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. And there are a LOT of Gods in Hinduism but it's all manifestations of the one source and creator of reality - Brahma.

 But there are a wide variety of religions that are followed ranging from major religions like Islam and Christianity(hence no because they are monotheist religions) to indigenous religions like Donyi Polo(they worship the sun and moon) from Arunachal Pradesh(a state). And of course, there are atheists too!

(Note: Yes, some people still worship nature but you shouldn't laugh or find it funny. Your ancestors probably did too)



Indians are uneducated

I found this on the internet and I was just like what are they talking about? I was pretty sure I heard that some first world countries(trying not to point fingers) were having shortages of jobs for their own people as most of them were being taken up by "outsiders" and that's obviously not going to be possible unless they(the "outsiders") are educated.

If India was really uneducated how can it be possible that Indians manage to get jobs in MNC’s which require high educational qualifications?

Education is very important in India. Even the poor get educated thanks to the various acts by the Government(at least they are doing something right). In fact, I believe that education is given too much importance. The minimum percentages for top colleges are ridiculous. (The minimum percentage for a college I want to get into start from 97%) Its no surprise that every year, a large number of students commit suicide because of this.



All Indians have "that" accent

You know which accent I'm talking about! The exaggerated Indian accent that Russell Peter uses. And our grammar is not as terrible as it seems. We don't "You will veddy much please be bringing me a Coke veddy veddy much please?" 

I'm sorry to disappoint you all but we seriously do not go about our daily lives with a straight face using that ridiculous accent. If we did, I'm pretty sure China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan would tell us to shut up.



Indian cuisine means butter chicken and curry

This is as dumb as saying Italian cuisine equals pasta or American cuisine equals McDonalds.

We have hundreds(maybe thousands) of dishes available in India. And they all differ from region to region(yet again). Let me give you an idea-

North- Tandoori chicken (chicken cooked in a tandoor-a clay oven of a type used originally in northern India)

South- dosa (fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils)

East- pork with bamboo shoot and red chilies (my favourite)

West- dhokla (steamed gram flour snack)

And no, I'm not saying those are the only dishes available. There are many more, but the ones I stated are pretty popular.




Okay, this is getting quite long. I hope I didn't bore you too much! And that this article/chapter was of some use to you.

I'm aware that there are many more stereotypes but you can't expect me to cover them all at one go... Or do you? Because I won't/can't/shan't. Why? Simple- I'm lazy. The type of lazy where I curl my hair and leave it half way so I look like Cruella de Vil (with one side curled and one side straight).

So... Thank you so much for reading...? 


अगली बार मिलते हैं

(See you next time)




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