The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


13. Southern American Stereotypes - Cat_The_Rebel

1. We all dress in flannel or plaid shirts.

So not true! I barely EVER wear plaid and flannel shirts.

2. We all have "geeky and annoying" southern accents.

This isn't true either... I don't even have an accent! 

3. We all call each other "Sir" and "Ma'am".

Okay, yes some of us do, but that's only because it's polite. 

4. We always wear jeans.

I do wear jeans a lot, but that's only because I like them. My sister absolutely HATES jeans and refuses to wear them.

5. We always wear cowboy boots.

Um, no. Nobody really wears cowboy boots anymore.

6. We all live in trailer parks and grill out everyday.

I haven't met a single person, here, that has lived in a trailer park.

7. We say "y'all" a lot.

To be honest, I've never heard anyone say "y'all" here.

8. We speak slowly because we are dumb and think slowly.

Technically, that is not true. In my school half of my grade was in Encore (the most advanced class you could possibly be in) so we have to have 5 Encore teachers. 

9. We "don't like yankees".

Excuse me, no, just no. Half of my family lives in a northern state and I love them all with my whole heart. 

10. We are all poor, racist, and overweight.

Okay, the truth is some people can be all of these things, but not everybody. We all vary. Yes, I'm a bit poor, but I'm not racist or overweight. My friend is overweight, but she is not poor or racist. Anybody can be these things! Not just us! 


 - Cat_The_Rebel

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