The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


14. Portuguese/Spanish Stereotypes (Rodrigo)

Right, so, basically, there aren't many of these stereotypes floating around the U.K, but I dunno about America, and these still work in general. I AM portuguese, and haven't been subjected to many of these, so I guess you could call this chapter about misconceptions instead of stereotypes, but it's still going to be the same type of thing.


1) We are all fishermen.

Wrong. Sure, Portugal does have a massive fishing trade, and we do have a lot, but as with any economy, no single job makes up most of the percentage of jobs. I'm not so sure if this is the same for Spain, but it seems to also be the same in Mexico/etc. 


2) Portuguese and Spanish are the same language.

Nope. While they are derived from the same roots, and some of the words a similar, someone from Portugal would only be able to understand someone from Spain as much as we could understand someone from... say, France. (Unless you speak french, obviously :P ) Yes, maybe we would understand some of the words, like "boef" meaing "beef", since they sound similar, but we would in no way understand all of what they're saying. 


3) We are all explorers.

This stereotype probably comes from all the portuguese/spanish explorers around the time when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Sure, there were a lot of important explorers, but much like the fishermen one, that doesn't mean that everyone in that area has dreams of becoming an explorer. Now, you can just catch a flight to wherever you want to go, and for the most part, the spanish/portuguese have no intentions to go trekking across land.


4) Bullfighting is the only thing we do/watch in our free time.

Mainly a Spanish stereotype, but Portuguese as well, this is not true at all. While bullfighting IS liked by some, there is an incredible amount of controversy over it, and millions of people hate it for the cruelty and torture it represents. And anyway, even those that DO like it don't watch it non-stop. For them, it is probably just like going to the movies here, something that happens every now and again, and is enjoyable, but not something we'd want to happen constantly.


5) We get very drunk.

Obviously, I can't claim this one personally, since I'm underage (or AM I.....) (yes), but it is still a stereotype that both the Portuguese and Spanish share. While Portugal/Spain do make very good wine, and have a lot of vineyards, that does not mean they drink all day and in massive quantities. The English don't drink tea all day, and the French don't eat baguettes all day.



6) Now, confusingly, my next stereotype is that SPAIN AND PORTUGAL ARE NOT THE SAME COUNTRY. For the purposes of this chapter, I HAVE grouped them together, but they are completely different, with different cultures, languages, and people. Just because they border each other, that doesn't make them the same. Just look at the U.S.A and Canada, two completely different countries.


So, danke for reading!


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