The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


11. Latin Stereotypes #1 - Leuconoe Arethusa

I searched some of these up and really? You portray us as this?

The Cosmopolitan cam up with this: Signs You Grew Us Latino… Half of them are wrong. The Full name? Signs You Grew Up Latino - Funny Things About Latinos… Yes I cracked up at all of your stereotypes; no I really did, they're all stupid.

1. There's a room/couch/item in your house you're only allowed to use for special occasions, in addition to your special occasion shoes, dress, and medias — the hideous ones with the lace on them.

Yes I do have the dining room that we use when friends come over or Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving (Yes we do celebrate it) But I don't have any special shoes, I have two dresses that I could use for formal things, but I can wear them casually. And all my medias (socks) are the same: low ankle, cotton.

2. There's plastic on some piece (or every piece) of furniture in your home.

There is absolutely no plastic on any furniture in my house; both my parents are latinos, so I was raised a latina! No plastic at any of my friends' houses either.

3. There's a photo of la Virgen, Jesus, or a cross hanging on the wall, even if you’re not very religious.

Actually no, we have one on the sun blocky thingy in the car but no cross, no Virgen de Guadalupe hanging in my house.

4. You ask your parents/grandparents/elders for a "bendicion" when you arrive or leave the house. It's a sign of respect.

Eff no! We only ask our Godparents because they are the ones elfin' helping our parents with teaching us religion.

5. Your first apartment has to be "cleansed" before you move in because your abuela will not tolerate you living in a house full of evil spirits.

WHEE-WHOO! Oh no! The bullshit alarm went off again!

6. Your home is full of these candles: 

Haha no. WHEE-WHOO! Oh no it went off again.

7. Salsa is a must-have condiment in the house at all times or any sort of picante.

Nope! I only have chips and salsa when my mom gets salsa for parties and I eat some to make sure it's not poison.

8. Your house smells like food all the time, and mami seems to start cooking at 8 a.m. daily.

Um no… Right now my house smells like nothing. And it's nine where I am; she effin' starts at ten.

9. You're shocked when you meet someone who's never heard of Adobo or Sazon. WTF is seasoned salt?

What is Sazon? I know Adobo, but how am I freakin' qualified to know every spice because I'm latino.

10. You have red wine with your dinner even if you're just 12 years old because it's good for your corazón, mami says. 

Eff no! My dad barely gives me anything out of his cup! And we drink beer too! (I don't I stick with malt.) And I only drink wine at church, at that's a sip!

11. You've been drinking café con leche since you were in diapers and you usually pair it with pan con mantequilla for breakfast. 

No, I don't drink coffee often; my mom doesn't let me. Wow Cosmopolitan, you should've stuck with sex.

12. Your mami has been making café with this since you were born: 

Um no, she uses a coffee machine; so do my grandparents in Venezuela.

13. Your abuela started feeding you solids when you were 4 months old, never mind what the doctor had to say about it. Gerber doesn't have half the nutrition her sancocho does.

No, my cousin who was a baby while I was alive practically lived with my grandparents. She didn't eat solids until 18 months, and that was only bread stuffing.

14. You grew up on shows like Primer Impacto and Sabado Gigante and your lifetime dream is to meet Don Francisco.

What, What, and Who? God my lifetime dream is to have a book published and to work 
for CNN.

15. You greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek and a handshake is considered rude. 

I shake hands with people I don't know; a kiss on the cheek is only for adults that I know or am related to.


This is only Part 1 so stay in tune for Part 2! 

- Leuconoe Arethusa

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