The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


12. Jewish Stereotypes - aknk2000

Jewish stereotypes:

-We all hate Germans

Not true at all! There are German Jews. I actually have German blood on one side and Jewish on the other.


-We are all doctors or lawyers

Nope! Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Gadd are Jewish actors. Jon Stewart is a Jewish talk-show host. People from any race or religion can be doctors.


-We are 'greedy merchants'.

All types of humans are greedy. Not just Jews.


-We all have ridiculously huge noses.

Um......No. Not all Jews have 'Jewish Features,' such as dark hair, a darker complexion, dark eyes and big noses.


-The Jewish Mother Stereotype

Jewish mothers are seen as very doting. Or overbearing and annoying. They always make you chicken soup and stuff like that. And they take pride in their food. They're said to make their kids feel guilty. This stereotype is a bit weird.


-We eat bagels and lox all the time.

I wish. Except for the lox. I don't even like lox!


-We hate muslims.

Absolutely not! I have lots of muslim friends!!! There may be some tension in the Middle East, but we don't hate them.


- aknk2000

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