The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


10. English Stereotypes - TazmaniaGirl

As an English teenager, I have met many people around the UK from all sorts of different countries. Here are some of the few questions (and crazy stereotypical accusations) I have been confronted with.

Q: Do you drink tea with the queen?
A: No. I don't drink tea with the queen. Do you eat McDonald's with Barrack Obama? 
Stereotype: Apparently, most people from other countries believe we are forever drinking tea with the queen. I'm not quite sure how that works, exactly, because I've never been invited to drink tea with the Queen :(

Q: Who do you eat your crumpets and scones with?
A: Not being funny - don't even like crumpets. Scones on the other hand... but I mean, seriously. Not everybody in England eats crumpets and scones.
Stereotype: Apparently everybody in England eats crumpets and scones. Trust me, we don't. You would actually be lucky to catch someone buying those sorts of foods.

Q: Why does everybody in England where braces?
A: Because we all have bad teeth...? 
Stereotype: Now this is a slightly more common stereotype. I've heard this from just about every person I've met whose from a different county. It's apparent that most people in England (or the UK in general) have bad teeth. I've only known a handful of people who have never in their whole life worn braces. Literally all my friends wear braces or have a retainer, including myself. 

Here's my final stereotype. This ones a little bit... strange.

Stereotype: To American's, we have a strange humor. What we find funny isn't what they would. It's a common stereotype that we have "unique humor", and that only certain things, such as sarcasm, would set us off laughing. 

Thank you - TazmaniaGirl

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