The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


5. Continuation of Australian Stereotypes -Night

I’m back guys!

Today I’ll be finishing off Australian stereotypes, and because of that, this chapter might be a little long but at the same time, insightful.

I’d like to once again point out that I am Australian myself and so everything here, I know from experience. You can take my word for it.

Therefore, please enjoy.


Sure, quite a few Australians love a good barbecue especially during summer and chances are most people have one in their backyard. We do it at picnics, we do it at beaches, and we even do it at schools. But, I’m sure you all know - this isn’t everyone!! Can I just say? I’m not a fan of barbecues. I can eat them, and I do, but they’re not something I ever look forward to. And, AND, can I just emphasise, no matter what Paul Hogan said in the 80’s, shrimp is not the only thing we barbecue. I mean, come on, we have sausages and steak and burgers and I’d say these are a lot more popular than shrimp is. Did I mention? I hate shrimp. Shrimp + barbecue do not sit well for me.


No, Australian diets do not only consist of barbecues and vegemite. We do have vegemite and quite a few people eat this but it is by no means the most popular spread, nor is it only thing we eat. Jams and margarine and peanut butter and NUTELLA are a lot more popular than vegemite. From what I’ve seen, there are actually many who hate vegemite, not all of course, but definitely a large number, including myself.

Crocodile Wrestling

Yeah, yeah, it sounds fun and all. Must be equivalent to boxing or karate or sumo in other countries, right? Probably Australia’s national sport. I’m guessing children learn this sport at the ripe age of 2 and it’s shameful to the culture if they don’t.

...No. Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan may have done it but every other Australian would never dream of going up to a crocodile and seeing who’s stronger. The answer would be obvious. I know there have been some crocodile and alligator reference to Australia over the globe but like I said earlier, please do not misunderstand our relationship with Aussie animals. There are a number of Australians who have never seen a crocodile before and most only see them at zoos. We don’t wrestle them. I’m sorry, but we value our lives, as entertaining as such may sound.


We do not just go out to the beach every morning with a surfboard and start swimming. Not everyone lives near the beach, okay? Something like this is a luxury with everyone’s demanding work schedules. There are a few people like me who only go out on a beach trip about twice or thrice a year and I have never surfed before.


Amongst the many more, there are two more stereotypes I’d like to address. The first is our fashion. Not everyone just goes out in singlets and thongs and bikinis and hats with corks dangling from them. Sure, some do wear these kinds of clothes on the rare occasion during summer (but never the cork hats unless you want to be laughed at), when going out to the beach or going to the pool or something, but definitely not when going to work or a mall or a restaurant etc. Our fashion especially in major cities is much like what you’d find in New York or London.

And lastly, can I just say that not all guys are big, tall and beefy and love to play footy. I once read about an Australian guy who was a character in a novel written by a foreign author who depicted them as a blonde, large, burly man who loved to surf. Undoubtedly, you will find some of these kind but definitely not that many. In fact, Australia is a multicultural country and you have just as much chance of finding an Australian with European ancestry as you do of finding someone with a Chinese or Indian or African background.

Australia prides itself in its diversity and there are hundreds and thousands of people who come from the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, India, Philippines, Greece, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Serbia and Montenegro, United States, Indonesia, Poland, Fiji, Ireland, Croatia, Singapore, South Korea, Malta, Macedonia, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Sudan, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Papua New Guinea, Iran, Chile, Hungary, Russia, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Austria, France, Pakistan, Samoa and Portugal to name a few.

There are loads more stereotypes but I’m a little lazy so I won’t bother going through them all. These are the main ones. However, if anyone has any questions they want to ask regarding Australia, all you need to do is post a comment and I’d be happy to answer.


I’m not accusing anyone or telling anyone they’re a bad person if they got a fact wrong. All I and my fellow authors are trying to say is that sometimes there are a few misconceptions on people’s perspective of a particular country and we’d just like to point these out.

We want to give people from other countries a little insight into our own.

I’m a proud Australian and that’s why I’d be happy if you learnt something.

If you were to take anything from this at all, at least you now know what a fussy eater I am.

And, if you ever get the chance, visit Australia one day.

That is all.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

 - Night

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