The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


15. British Accent Stereotypes - JabberJay

Without meaning any offense to America and other countries who use this term (English people I know do it too) it irritates me to the brim when people refer to the 'posh' accent found in Oxfordshire and similar areas of England as the 'British' accent.

Here's where I launch into a Geography lesson ;

The British isles are made up of multiple countries and regions. There's England, the whole of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and around five thousand small islands. Focusing on the countries, each of course has its own accent everyone likes to mimic and go 'Hey! Look at me! I do a great Scottish accent!' and then launch into a Billy Connolly impression.. But these aren't the only accents, they're usually just the most liked/pleasant sounding, most common among famous people, or are the accent of that countries capital city. 

In England, my country incase you haven't already guessed, there are countless accents all around me. You go into the next village and people are talking differently. This is the same everywhere! And while you probably can't tell most of the smaller accents that don't belong to cities apart, we can. 

Anyway.. Back on topic. 

People generally associate 'British' with that really posh Oxfordshire accent, but in fact, you couldn't be more wrong. If you have to associate it with something, maybe 'England.' Not England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and 5000 other islands. Because last I checked, a student at Oxford university sounds almost completely foreign to a student at Glasgow university. They don't all sound fancy ass, that is just a really unintelligent stereotype from someone who's ever seen a map of Britain, especially if you actually live here!

I hope this didn't offend anyone, if you didn't know, it's not your fault. But It does tick me off when for example, my American friends, ask me if I'm from a poorer area because I 'don't sound as posh as they do on TV.' 
Yeah, maybe because you're calling my accent 'British' when the correct terminology would be to say I am from the Manchester, England. 

Wow this droned on. I am sorry :3 

- JabberJay

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