The Stereotypes

How people perceive others in a stereotypical manner...


3. Aussie Animal Stereotypes -Night


Hi guys,

There are a lot of stereotypes going around these days about people from Australia, and so what you will soon be reading if you choose to scroll down and view the next section will clear some of these up.

Just so you guys know, I’m from Australia so I know from experience the kinds of things people from other countries think we aussies do on a day to day basis that actually ARE NOT TRUE.

The one thing that really stuck out the most was of everyone’s perception of our relationship with Australian animals.

Anyone else from Australia might get what I mean.


I’ve had people say to me:

-Do you keep koalas as pets?

-Do you keep kangaroos as pets?

-Do you keep dingoes as pets?

-Dingoes are for the rich kids. Most people get kangaroos.

-Do you not have teddy bears and just cuddle up with a koala at night?

-Do you go into a kangaroo’s pouch and have them take you to school?

-Do you ride dingoes to school?

-Do you keep them in your backyard?

-Do you hunt crocodiles each night and have them for dinner? <-- most interesting so far.


It might seem amusing from some people’s perspective, and I know I found it hilarious too, and even replied to someone jokingly, “Yeah, crocodile meat tastes like chicken.”

But as funny as it might be that people are getting the facts wrong, it’s still kind of depressing that Australia’s viewed to the world as some kind of primeval society that still hunts for food and lives with animals and even keeps some in our backyard.

Let me make this clear.

We have dogs and cats.

Not kangaroos or dingoes.

Those animals are protected by Australian law and it is illegal to keep them as pets.

We take cars or buses or trains or whatever to school.

There’s no way we just hop onto a kangaroo or dingo and make them our chauffeurs.

They’re wild. They’re in zoos. If we tried, they’d either punch us or bite us.

We eat chicken and pork and beef.

We buy our meat from the supermarket.

There’s no way we’d bother going out to hunt crocodiles, and good luck trying to find one.

And lastly,

As much as I’d love to snuggle with a koala, we just can’t.

But who cares? Of course we have teddies. Teddy bears are awesome.


I know it’s not everyone, and the people who don’t think this and know better – Kudos to you.

But this is can be insulting to some Australians who think they’re getting viewed as primitive and tribal. Not that that’s a bad thing, because there actually are people in my country called aboriginals who are natives and still live indigenously and strive to maintain their cultural ways that have been trampled on by European influences (no offence meant).

I might be biased because I live here, but Australia is a wonderful place. It’s not just one huge desert full of natives but actually has much technology and knowledge it has to offer. We don’t live archaically but go to school and live daily the same way anyone else would.


I’m guessing anyone who thought what I specified earlier must have watched too many cartoons or something along those lines.

Which is fine, because I read a lot of comics and watch cartoons too.

But let’s get our facts right first, shall we?

If you learnt something from this, I’m glad I’ll have made a point.

Hopefully I’ll, in some way, have enlightened you.

Thank you and have a nice day.

 - Night

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