every war


1. every war

Every war has an enemy,

Every war has death,

Every war has many men

Who breathe their final breath.


Every war has two sides,

Who both think they are right.

All armies are too stubborn,

And that's why we must fight.


But there is one war,

That most concerns your health,

That is the conflict

That's you, against yourself,


If you have worries or doubts

Or maybe even fears

Or if you want to break down,

Break down into tears.


Just know you'll never be alone,

For as long as you will live,

For as long as there are takers,

There are more who will always give.


Your own war is not like others,

No, it is not,

As your war can easily be



Your war's not like the Capulets

Against the Montagues

Or like the Germans,

Against the many jews,


But your war is much

More difficult to fight,

But you must face it,

With every ounce of might.


But the thing to remember,

You must not fight alone.

If you have friends and family,

You'll come safely home.

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