My messed up life

#love #sex #drugs #abuse #violence

A girl named Isabelle who has a really bad past. She drinks and takes drugs. She use to be a nerdy smart girl who was picked on so she changed into her real self that was hiding inside of her. A bitch.
Then when she sleeps with her guy best friend Jace they become a thing and all the guys at school try to break them up.

Keep reading to find out more.

I'm also new to movellas and this is my first story so I'd like feed back if you want improvements and I'll soon be adding more chapters.


9. 9

I wake up to my smiling boyfriend, I smile and he kisses me, I kiss him back, he smiles against my lips, he gets up and pulls me up out of bed and hugs me,

"Morning sunshine, what would you like for breakfast", he looks into my eyes and picks me up by my waist, I wrap my legs around his waist and I kiss him hard and deep, he kisses me back harder and deeper,

"Well this is a nice morning, oh and I want pancakes with eggs and bacon", I kiss him and he kisses back then he moves his hands and holds me up by my ass and carries me downstairs, at the bottom of the stairs he kisses my deeply, I kiss him back deepening the kiss. He walks over to the kitchen and sits me on the bench, my legs still around his waist,

"Hey I have to make breakfast babe", I giggle and lean forward and kiss him and run my hands through his hair, he kisses back and moves his hands down my legs and I moan,

"How about we do this instead", I say and he kisses me passionately, I kiss him back and he rubs up and down my legs, I moan loudly and Jace smirks, I move my hands down his stomach and stops at his belt, I unbuckle his belt and I pull them down not breaking the kiss, he smirks against my lips and he moves his hands up my shirt, I move my hands down his boxers and rubs his dick, he moans loudly and I smirk,

"B...babe, your t...turning me on", he looks at me and smirks, his hands move up my shirt and he stops on my boobs, he squeezes them, I moan loudly and grabs his dick and smirks. Maia, Simon and Magnus walk down the stairs and they stop in the kitchen doorway,

"Get a room you two, we eat on that bench", we stop and look at them, Jace picks me up by my waist, I wrap my legs around his waist and he walks upstairs, he walks into my room, he kisses me and I kiss him back, I run my hands through his hair, he lays me down on the bed, not breaking the kiss, he takes his boxers off, he flips us over and he takes my pants off then my panties, he moves his hands up my back and unhooks my bra and throws it on the floor then flips us back over and he thrust his dick into me, I moan loudly, I grip the bed and he thrusts fast and hard and I cum and he stops and lays next to me,

"God that was amazing", I look over at him and smile, he smiles back, I lay my head on his shoulder, I put my arm on his chest and we intertwine our legs and we talk for a while, I yawn and close my eyes, I end up falling asleep, Jace gets a little worried and he pulls the blankets over us and he hugs me tightly. Maia stands at the door,

"Is she ok she has never slept this much ever", Jace looks over at Maia and she sees his worried look, she gets worried, she walks downstairs and grabs Magnus, Magnus walks up the stairs, he walks into my room,

"Wait, she isn't dressed and neither am I", Magnus walks out and Jace gets dressed, he pulls the blanket off me and he dresses me, Magnus walks back in and examines me, he looks at Jace,

"She is run down and her sugar is low, you need to feed her food", Jace looks at me and picks me up and takes me downstairs, he walks into the living room and lays me down on the coach. He goes into the kitchen and cooks pancakes with bacon and eggs and maple syrup, I wake up to the smell of pancakes with bacon and eggs and maple syrup, I get up off the couch and runs into the kitchen, I sit down at the bench, Jace puts my plate in front of me and I eat it all and I don't feel tired anymore,

"This is yum, you should cook more", we both laugh, he takes my plate and washes it. He grabs my hand, his keys and his phone and takes me to his care, we get in and he starts the car and we drive off,

"Where are we going babe", I look at him, he smirks and grabs my hand and holds it, I smile and blush, he drives down a road that I have never been down,

"It's a surprise, we are almost there", he drives down another road and parks in front of an ice rink. We get out, he grabs my hand and leads me into the building and no one is there,

"Are we aloud in here there is no one here", he nods and we grab ice skates and we go onto the ice, I hold onto Jace tightly as we ice skate, suddenly music comes on and Jace pulls me close to him, we dance on the ice, when the music finished we left and went home then we went to bed because it was 10:30pm.

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