My messed up life

#love #sex #drugs #abuse #violence

A girl named Isabelle who has a really bad past. She drinks and takes drugs. She use to be a nerdy smart girl who was picked on so she changed into her real self that was hiding inside of her. A bitch.
Then when she sleeps with her guy best friend Jace they become a thing and all the guys at school try to break them up.

Keep reading to find out more.

I'm also new to movellas and this is my first story so I'd like feed back if you want improvements and I'll soon be adding more chapters.


8. 8

I start having a nightmare and I toss, turn, pant and then I start screaming,

"Babe, babe wake up", Jace says in a soothing voice, I wake up sweating and panting and I start crying then I look at Jace, he looks at me and hugs me tightly and he strokes my hair,

"Shh it's ok, do you want to tell me?", I hug him tighter and don't let go,

"I...I don't want to talk about it", he nods and kisses my head then we let go of each other, Jace leans in and he kisses me on the lips, I kiss him back, he deepens the kiss and he gets on top of me, I look up at him and I see him grinning,

"Jace, I love you so much", I smirk and I kiss his neck. He kisses my jawline and down to my neck then he kisses my sweet spot and I moan loudly and I move my hands down his back and I stop on his ass, he looks at me and kisses me, I squeeze his ass and he moans, I smirk and I pull his boxers down then he flips us over so I'm on top of him. He runs his hands down my back then he moves them up my back and unhooks my bra and he throws it on the floor, his hands travel down my back to my panties and he takes them off then flips us back over so he is on top of me. He smirks and puts his dick in me and I moan loudly, he starts thrusting hard and fast and I moan loudly, he goes faster and harder, I moan louder,

"F....fuck babe I...I am going to c...cum", he thrust faster and harder and I cum, he starts slow long down but he doesn't stop, I look up at him and he kisses me hard and I kiss back harder, he moves his hands up my stomach to my breast then he squeezes them and I moan loudly then he pulls out of me and lays next to me on the bed, he looks at me and says out of breathe,

"God...that was amazing", we both look at each other and we start laughing. I yawn and I turn on my side facing Jace and I put my head on his shoulder, I put my hand on his chest, we intertwine our legs,

"Go to sleep babe, it will help", I nod, smile and then I fall asleep. My nightmare comes back and I toss, turn and I start panting,

"No no don't take him away from me, no Jace don't leave", I wake up screaming and Jace is holding me tightly, I put my head in his shoulder and I start crying,

"Shh it's ok I'm never ever going to leave you I promise", he strokes my hair and rubs my back, I start calming down. He let's go of me and he gets up, he grabs my hand and pulls me up and he looks at me and I'm looking at the ground,

"Hey, look at me we will never be apart", he lifts my chin up so I'm looking into his eyes and he pulls me into the bathroom, he turns on the water while holding my hand then he gets in and pulls me in, I just stand there not moving and he washes my hair and then my body. I just stand there and I start shaking and he starts to worry and hugs me from behind,

"Babe, are you ok", I nod, then I start feeling faint and Jace knows something is wrong and he stops the water and grabs my waist and pulls me out of the shower, he grabs a towel and dries me, then he dries himself, he pulls me back into the bedroom and he gets dressed into his usual and then he pulls my usual clothes out and looks at me,

"Babe your scaring me, please tell me your ok", I just nod. He dresses me and sits me on the bed then he looks at me and a tear runs down his cheek and starts worrying more then he grabs my hand and pulls me up off the bed and he kisses me, I kiss him back and then he looks at me and he pulls me downstairs and he sits me on the couch and he knows why I'm like this, he walks into the kitchen and makes me a cup of tea. He brings it to me, I take it but I don't drink any, I put the cup on the coffee table and start shaking violently, Jace sits next to me and pulls me close to him, he rubs my back and kisses my head,

"Isabelle, babe, it's ok please stop, your scaring me, I'm sorry for all that's happened, just please calm down", I calm down a little but I don't say anything and I look at Jace and I notice that he has been crying,

"J...Jace, it's n...not your fault, I...I'm fine", he looks at me and he has tears running down his cheeks. I put my hand on his cheek and wipes his tears away and it starts shaking and I quickly pull my hand away, I start breathing heavy, Jace gets up and he picks me up bridal style, he takes me into our bedroom and he lays me on the bed and he puts two blankets on me and he grabs his phone, he gets in next to me and he pulls me close to him, he phones Maia and three other people. They come rushing over, the next thing I know they're in my room, Jace looks at me and I'm really pale,

"Babe, this is Luke Garroway, Magnus Bane and Simon Lewis and of course your best friend Maia", I nod, Jace looks at me and sees me shaking, he pulls the blankets over us,

"I've never seen her like this, she looks so fragile", Maia says looking at me,

"H...hey I h...heard that", we all laugh and the next thing I know, I blackout. I wake up in a hospital room, I look around and I see Jace, Maia, Luke, Simon and Magnus all asleep, I sit up and groan, Jace wakes up and rushes to my side and grabs my hand,

"Hey beautiful how are you feeling", I look at him and I try to say something but nothing comes out, he looks at me and a tear runs down his cheek, I put my free hand on his cheek and wipes it away and smile, he smiles and leans down and kisses me, I kiss him back. Maia and Simon wake up and they look over at Jace and me, I try and say something but I can't and I start crying and I turn away from the others,

"Babe, it's ok please don't cry", Jace rubs my back to comfort me then the doctor comes in,

"Why can't she talk", Jace asks and the doctor leads him into the hall way explains everything, Jace walks back in crying and sits next to me, I turn to face him and I see him crying, I grab his hand and place it on my cheek,

"B....babe's ok please d...don't cry, I love you no m...matter what", he looks at me and he smiles, stands up and hugs me. Everyone is awake now and looking at me, I smile and yawn,

"You need to sleep, butternut cupcake", I nod and close my eyes and I fall asleep and my nightmares begin again and I toss and turn and I start panting, Jace holds my hand tight,

"Babe wake up, wake up babe it's just a nightmare", I wake up sweaty and panting, I look around the room and I see that everyone is looking worried, I start crying,

"I...I want to go home now", Jace looks at me and he starts crying, I put one of my hands on his cheek and I wipe his tears away and I get a feeling that I don't like,

"Jace I will never leave, I promise", he grabs my face and kisses me, I kiss him back. He looks into my eyes and I realise that there is something wrong with me and I start shaking and crying and my breathing gets heavy,

"Jace tell me what is going on, please", he looks at me and takes a deep breath and he tells me everything and I ball my eyes out(there is something wrong with my heart), he holds my hand tighter and puts his other hand on my cheek and wipes my tears away, the doctor comes in and says we are aloud to go home. Maia and the others grab my stuff and Jace picks me up bridal style and takes me out to the car and puts me in the passenger seat and the others get in the back, Jace gets in the drivers seat, starts the car and drives home,he parks the car and comes to my door, he opens it and picks me up and carries me inside bridal style and takes me up to my room and he lays me down on the bed and I fall asleep.

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