My messed up life

#love #sex #drugs #abuse #violence

A girl named Isabelle who has a really bad past. She drinks and takes drugs. She use to be a nerdy smart girl who was picked on so she changed into her real self that was hiding inside of her. A bitch.
Then when she sleeps with her guy best friend Jace they become a thing and all the guys at school try to break them up.

Keep reading to find out more.

I'm also new to movellas and this is my first story so I'd like feed back if you want improvements and I'll soon be adding more chapters.


7. 7

I wake up to my smiling boyfriend, I smile and Jace kisses my nose and I giggle which I usually don't do,

"Hey you giggled", he says smiling, I get up and go into the bathroom and all the memories come rushing back all at once and I start crying. Jace hears me crying, he runs to me and sees me sitting up against the wall, he picks me up and I hug him tightly,

"Hey it's ok, shh babe it's ok", I look at him and kiss him then I grab his hand and pull him into my bedroom and I sit him down on my bed, I sit next to him and I take a deep breath,

"I...I need to tell you about my past and why I push people away", he looks at me and smiles and nods

"Ok so when I was a good girl doing what I was told, my mum gave me everything but my dad didn't h...he raped me every night and he hit me, he mentally, physically and emotionally hurt me, then when I turned 16 he broke me and I became violent, I got drunk all the time, I took and smoked drugs and then I changed my image so I became a bitch who wore slutty clothes and didn't care what people thought, I was also bullied in school because I wore glasses and I was a nerd so I cut, then I met you and it get better until you moved but now your back, and me giggling for the first time in while reminded me of mum and me mucking around, oh and also my dad cheats on my mum", I was in tears at this moment and so was Jace, he pulled me into a bear hug and we stayed like this for a while.

We let go of each other and I look at him and he puts his hand on my cheek and wipes my tears away, I smile at him and he kisses me on the lips,

"I love you so much Isabelle and I always have and always will and I'll be here for you no matter what", a tear runs down my cheek and he wipes it away with his thumb. I look at him,

"Jace can we go somewhere like the movies?", he smiles and kisses me and I kiss him back and he nods and says,

"Sure babe anything for you", he laughs and kisses my forehead, I go and take a shower and he gets dressed into his black skinny jeans, his black t-shirt, his leather jacket and he puts his black docmartins on. After the shower I get dressed into my black skinny jeans, my black crop top, my leather jacket and my thigh high boots, Jace looks at me and smiles,

"You look amazing, damn I want to kiss all over your body", he grins and I smirk and laugh and we go downstairs and have breakfast, I grab my keys and purse and phone and I grab Jace's hand I pull him out to my hummer, we get in and I start the car and we drive to the cinemas, when we got there I parked the car undercover and we get out. We walk hand in hand into the cinemas, we get our tickets and our popcorn and we sit in our seats (the movie we are watching is spider-man 2), Jace looks at me and smiles and leans forward and whispers in my ear,

"This is our official first day, and so far it is perfect", I look at him and smiles, then he grabs my face and he kisses me passionately and I kiss him back, we do this all the way through the movie. When the movie finished we went home and we had a shower together, then I got into my sexy pjs and Jace got into his boxers and we got into bed and we talk while cuddling then we fell asleep.

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