My messed up life

#love #sex #drugs #abuse #violence

A girl named Isabelle who has a really bad past. She drinks and takes drugs. She use to be a nerdy smart girl who was picked on so she changed into her real self that was hiding inside of her. A bitch.
Then when she sleeps with her guy best friend Jace they become a thing and all the guys at school try to break them up.

Keep reading to find out more.

I'm also new to movellas and this is my first story so I'd like feed back if you want improvements and I'll soon be adding more chapters.


5. 5

In the morning we all get up but stay in our pjs, we all walk downstairs and I turn the tv on and we watch once upon a time then I start feeling sick and I run to the bath room and throw up and I start wondering then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I...I'm pregnant and I start crying,

"Fuck fuck fuck, h...he is going to leave me", I get up and go to walk out but he was in the door way looking at me,

"Why would I leave yo-", he stops and knows that I'm pregnant then pulls me into a hug and I cry into his chest and hug him back,

"What a..are we going to do", I say and suddenly I regret saying that because the next thing he said hurt me,

"Well I don't really want to have kids but I don't know what we will do", I look at him and starts crying and regret getting pregnant. I put my hand on my stomach and I say to it,

"I hate you so much you little brat, now I can't drink or smoke and Jace doesn't want me", Jace looks at me and puts his hand on my shoulder,

"I want to get an abortion and I never want to get pregnant again", I look at Jace and then run upstairs and looks up how to kill an unborn baby on my laptop and it says my favorite thing "drink lots of alcohol", I close the laptop and turn around to see Jace behind me looking a little pissed,

"What happened to you, you have completely changed, you drink you smoke and worst of all you use you let guys talk about you like your a slut", his voice rising, I get scared and back away,

"J...Jace your scarring me please stop", tears swell up in my eyes and then I explain everything. He looks at me and pulls me close and kisses my forehead and whispers,

"If you want to keep the baby you can but if you don't we don't have to", I look at him and nod my head,

"I want an abortion and I want it now but first I need a drink", he looks at me and smiles and I know he will support me no matter what. As we were walking down the stairs we heard a scream and a bang so we ran downstairs and we saw Maia's boyfriend holding her arm tightly, I get extremely pissed so I jump on him and hit him in the face then he grabs my throat and throws me across the room and my stomach hits the corner of a wall and I groan then I yell,

"GET T....THE FUCK OUT O...OF MY HOUSE NOW", I groan even more then he leaves and slams the door then I black out.

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