My messed up life

#love #sex #drugs #abuse #violence

A girl named Isabelle who has a really bad past. She drinks and takes drugs. She use to be a nerdy smart girl who was picked on so she changed into her real self that was hiding inside of her. A bitch.
Then when she sleeps with her guy best friend Jace they become a thing and all the guys at school try to break them up.

Keep reading to find out more.

I'm also new to movellas and this is my first story so I'd like feed back if you want improvements and I'll soon be adding more chapters.


3. 3

In the morning I get up with a splitting headache, I have a shower and get dressed into a short red dress, black high heel boots, I put my makeup on and I put my hair in a messy bun then I walk down stairs and sees that the glass is all cleaned up from last night, I look around and see my guy best friend Jace. I walk over to him and sit next to him, he looks at me and smiles and says,

"Hey Isabelle, I've missed you so much", I look at him and says,

"Hey Jace I've missed you so much to how have yo-" just when I was about to finish Jace grabbed my face and pulls me close and plants a kiss on my lips and of course I kiss him back (I have been waiting for this moment for so long).He deepens the kiss and so do I then he takes my dress off then my bra then my panties then I take his boxers off without breaking the kiss. I grab his ass wanting him in me and he knows I want it and then he puts his dick in me and thrusts hard and fast and I moan loudly and grip the couch and he thrusts harder and faster and I moan louder and grips the couch tightly,

"B babe I I'm going c cum", he thrust faster and I cum then he slows down then stops but stays inside of me and I say, out of breath,

"G god that was a amazing", then he pulls out of me, he gets up and then picks me up and carries me to my bedroom then lays me on my bed and he lays next to me and we cuddle then we fall asleep.

In the morning we get up and we have a shower together and we have hot shower sex, after that we get dressed, I get dressed in my short lacy black dress with my thigh high boots and my leather jacket, I do my makeup and I curl my hair, Jace gets dressed in black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt and a leather jacket. We go downstairs and we have breakfast then we grab our phones and I grab my keys and we go out to my car, we get in, I start it and we drive to school. When we got to school I parked in my spot, we got out and Jace puts his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist and we walked into school, we walked to my locker and I put my bag in my locker and took my vodka out and hid it in my carry bag and slams my locker shut and we walk to Jace's locker and he puts his bag in his locker and closes it, then pushes me against the lockers and kisses me hard on the lips so all the guys know I'm taken.

He stops and smirks and I smirk back then I lean in and whisper,

"After school baby", I slap his ass then we walk to class and sit at the back holding hands, then the teacher walks in and notice Jace holding my hand and gets jealous and says,

"I will be right back", then he walks out and I jump into Jace's lap and we start kissing but got interrupted by the teacher, I give Maia my vodka as the teacher walks towards us I jump back into my seat. The teacher looks at me then says,

"You are such a slut and a whore", Jace gets pissed but before he could say something I get up and walk to the teacher and says,

"And you are so much like my dad who is a two timing son of a bitch who sleeps around and my mum doesn't care, so if I were you I'd FUCK OFF", then I punched him in the face and I kneed him in the balls then I grab my vodka and Jace and we walk out and to his locker first because it's closer, he grabs his bag then slams his locker shut then we walk to my locker and I grab my bag and put my vodka into then slams my locker shut then we walked out to my hummer and we get in and we drive to my place. When we got to my place I park the car and get out and so does Jace and I lock the car then I walk to the front door and unlock it and walk in and I take out my vodka out of my bag and puts it on the bench then strips down to just my sexy lacy black bra and panties and grabs my vodka and chugs it down then goes to my alcohol pantry and grabs my whiskey and grabs a shot glass and goes to pour whiskey in it when Jace took it out of my hand and says,

"I think you've had enough babe", he puts the bottle down then he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and walks to my room, he lays me on my bed then I blackout. Jace gets in bed besides me and pulls me close to him cuddling me and he pulls the blanket over us and then he falls asleep.

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