Unexplainable HUNTER 🔥

Luke Hemings (in the role of Hunter)
Ashley Tissdale ( in the role of Scarlett the bitch)
Orlando bloom ( in the role of Hunters dad)


1. the Unexplainable...

Im Hunter, Hunter Williams. Im a human Being, that's what u may think about me... But do you really know me enough for knowing that?


"Hunter! It's your time to cook today!" My mum yelled at me again. I don't really like my parents... They are really upset a lot of their time. Is every Parent like that?. Probely.

"Coming!" I ran down the stairs, only to find my mum and dad sitting and talking. I could almost hear it, they began yelling, auguring... . I walked over to get some attention, though it didden't work. I think this Might be a bad idea, but it was too late to turn around. Anyways... So i decide to fast pretend to going to the toilet before eating. Hope they don't see anything. So I walked to the bathroom, and instead of going in it, I walked right pass it. Right around the Conor. There's one of our doors leading into another room, which leads out in our garage. If I was lucky I would be able to sneak out there without being seen. And insure was lucky! I sneaked right pass the window, and got out in the nature, wild, free and a little cold actually.

I texted, my friend: Ashley. Nice girl, has a sweet personality. But don't get me wrong, she is just a friend, we decided no best friend or BFF shit.. It ruins an entire friendship to have that shit..

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