Let It Go

The reason I joined this site, is because I've noticed that there's almost no Kit Harington fan fiction out there, and I want to put a stop to it! He's gorgeous and most deserves a fanfiction so here it goes


1. Chapter 1

The smell of fire choked my lungs like a pair of hands wrapping their hands around my throat and squeezing tighter and tighter until I couldn’t breathe, the screaming and cries filling my ears, my hands squeezing at my bed sheets touching them in hope of this dream ending, the crash playing out under my eyelids, the burning metal smell I was inhaling and the taste of warm blood in my mouth beyond the screams and cries that I could imagine was coming out of my mouth and my eyes but I was caught in this dreadful memory playing out in my mind like a bad nightmare.

I was fumbling around for the seatbelt, looking at my Mother who was in the driver’s seat with a broken neck more or less dead, my older brother was seated through the windscreen motionless; I tried to scream but the smell made me cough.

I turned and looked at my younger sister part of the tree hanging through her head impaling her, I fiddled and finally got it, in a rush I opened the door and fell out standing up I ran and was immediately thrown back by the blast that took the car.

This time I screamed but it wasn’t the girl that was unconscious in the car, it was me I was sitting up breathing rapidly and uncontrollable, my hair a mess, sweat trailing down my body like the rain and the tight feeling of my chest from the crying that had been going on for who knows how long.

I rolled my feet over and hung my legs over the edge of my bed, and I just sat there leaning forward and putting my head in my hands, I ran my hands through my wavy hair and let them sit in my hair for a few moments before I stood up and trudged over to the shower where I stripped and climbed in letting the water run before I climbed in and stood there letting the boiling hot water run down my hair, my face and my body before falling onto the floor and into the drain.

I stayed there letting the memory of the dream wash away like dirt, but I knew it was still there hanging in the back of my mind waiting for next time.

I finally turned off the shower and took the towel off the towel rack running it through my jet black hair and drying my face before wrapping it around me and grabbing a tooth brush, I brushed my teeth and heard the phone ring, I kept the tooth brush in my mouth and walked over to my mobile, I glanced at the caller I.D and picked it up taking my tooth brush out of my mouth I answered it.

“Hello.” I said relieved to hear the same breathing on the other end that I had known for 26 years.

“Hey.” Kit replied back on the other end of the phone, Kit was originally my Room Mate but now only stayed here when he was in town, he was my best friend but always away filming Game of Thrones or another role that comes up, I on the other hand was different I was an author and worked in most of my time when I wasn’t waitressing or at Book signings.

“How are you?” I asked feeling my mood lighten a bit then it was before he rung.

“Good, hey I need to ask you something.” Kit answered and I could imagine the smile on his face we always had fun together and laughed and smiled we were unstoppable, he was like my brother. “How would you feel about coming to see me on set we’re looking for someone to play Electra Waters she was only just added by George and George kind of wants you for the part because he thinks you’ll be perfect for it.”

I nearly stopped breathing and tried to think of something to say but nothing was coming out of my mouth only words that were being cut off by my own stupidity.

“Hazel?” He asked, I remembered when my Mother told me the meaning behind my name, my Mother had loved the Color Hazel and unlike most people my eyes were a Violet/ Grey type of mix and was never seen before.

“Yeah sure.” I replied, finally speaking up. “I have to go I’ve got to get dressed and meet up with my Publisher about the new book but ‘I’ will call you back.”

“Okay bye.” He said.

“Later Chris.” I said using his real name I ended the call and ran back into my room grabbing some nice clothes and getting dressed I remembered my tooth brush sitting on the dressing table I grabbed it and finished brushing my teeth, quickly I put my hair in a ponytail and grabbed my phone, keys and purse I rushed out speeding for the car I was already late I didn’t want to be any later, I quickly jumped in my car and started the ignition quickly driving.

A couple of days later I arrived on the set seeing George sitting down I whistled making him turn around and see me when he did he smiled and stood up, I walked up and hugged him I pretty much knew George  in a literal sense he was my Godfather.

“It’s nice to see you.” I said smiling at him.

“You too.” He replied putting both his hands on mine and pulling me back a little bit. “Let me look at you.” He did look at me and smiled. “My how you’ve grown and your more beautiful than ever you look more like your Mother every time I see you and you have more of your Dad’s hair colour each time as well.” He studied my facial expression and smiled. “They’d be proud of you, writing a book that hit Number 1 in 36 countries, releasing your first album and of course now acting even I’m proud of you.” Then he winked and brought his lips near my ear so he could whisper in my ear. “Kit is over there filming.”

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