Reflection (KickthePJ)

PJ gets more than he bargins for when a mysterious portal opens in his kitchen...


1. Kickthepj

Pj shut down his camera and picked up his empty mug. He'd just finished a question and answers video, or a 'Slurp' as he called them.

He took the cup into the kitchen and turned on the kettle. He might as well have some more tea while he edited.
'Tea helps me think, keeps me calm' he said softly

 While he waited for the water to boil he picked up his phone and typed a quick thank you tweet for all the questions. He wanted to make sure his viewers knew he would have a new video out soon. PJ was very grateful for all his subscribers, it was nice that someone appreciated his creative films and animations, especially with just over half a million people tuning in every week.

PJ stared at the reflective, metal kettle. His sharp, green, slightly distorted by the shape of the kettle, eyes stared blankly back at him. His eyes that he wished could see monsters, adventure and the vast colours of the universe. PJ had always liked the idea of travelling to the future or going up to space to fly between the stars, of course it wasn't possible. He tried to live his dreams through his videos, but it wasn't really the same. Pretending to be on an adventure wasn't the same as actually being on one.

The kettle was taking forever to boil. He didn't think it usually took this long, although, maybe it did. Maybe he just didn't pay attention to it like this. 

PJ noticed something flickering behind him, it was probably just a light bulb going. Probably. He would check it out later. 

No, it wasn't the light. It couldn't be, the flickering was turning a cloudy blue colour and come to think of it he realised it wasn't actually coming from the light. He squinted at the distorted image, the blue light getting bigger and less translucent.  


Really weird.

He slowly turned round, he had to be imagining it. Maybe it was something outside his window, that had to be it right?

No, it wasn't. 

PJ blinked, the blue shimmering blue thing was slightly taller than him and about as wide. He swallowed nervously and slowly approached it. He reached out and carefully touched it. It felt like nothing at first, but as the curiosity got to him he realised he could put his hand right through it. His hand disappeared through the quivering blue thing, his hand now felt cold air against his bare skin.

PJ pulled his hand back, what was it? Why was it here? Maybe it was a portal, not like the ones he edited into his videos, but an actual portal. 

He tried to ignore it, but the thing, the thing was so interesting and tempting. PJ really wanted to see what was on the other side. Would it be a good idea? What if he ended up in an alternative dimension and couldn't get back home. Wouldn't it be amazing if he ended up in another time or in another universe?

'I'm going to do it. I'm going to take the risk' Pj murmured to himself

PJ stuck his hand through it again, it couldn't be that bad and hey, if it was at least he died an adventurer. PJ stepped through the portal.

Okay, maybe it could. It was bad.

PJ fell forwards into pitch black-nothingness. There was nothing there, just empty space. Maybe he should have just stuck to the film making and not bothered.


PJ hit the ground face forward, his arms and legs sprayed out. Ouch, he was going to bruise badly tomorrow. His muscles were burning and he realised he was getting a headache. He should have died, it was a miracle that he'd managed to survive the fall. PJ slowly got up, scanning his surroundings. 

He was in a room, maybe, it was so hard to tell. He couldn't see much, the dark surrounded him on all side. He could just make out a white door, but that was it. 

PJ realised there was no way out for him other than the white door. He looked up, but he couldn't see where he fell from. He sighed and walked towards the door; maybe it was a bad idea, but who ignores a portal when one opens up in your kitchen?

PJ slowly pulled open the door. Maybe he'd be sucked into a paradox, maybe this was how he ended the world. 

Anxiously, PJ looked at what was behind the door. He couldn't believe what he was seeing; his very own kitchen.

It took a few seconds before it finally registered, it was his kitchen but then again it couldn't be. The whole room was flipped- it was as if you were looking at a entire room through a mirror.  Had he entered another dimension? He warily stepped inside his own kitchen

'No!' PJ gasped, the door had slammed shut behind him. PJ yanked on the door handle and pulled it open, close to ripping it of its hinges. The nothingness had gone, instead it was his hall way, but reflected like the kitchen. He couldn't get back now. He was stuck.

Hanging on the wall was a mirror.  PJ looked into it, he could only see the rest of the room that was behind him.

He had no reflection. 


'Heya guys, tiny planet explorers!' PJ smiled 'So that's my new film.  I hope you liked it 'cause I've been working on it for a while and I'm so happy I could show it to you. Thanks for watching guys and please press the button below if you haven't already. I'm going to be posting the behind the scene video next week on my side channel so stay tuned for that. Link to my side channel will be in the description down below. Bye'




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