Harry Potter & the Verum Fidei Seer

It's the end of the war, and students, teachers, and loved pets are all injured. The Dark Lord, who no longer remains, has left everyone in agony. Or worse, for dead. Hogwarts is severely damaged, and there not much hope left to hang on to. That is, until a mysterious girl shows up, wanting to help rebuild the school and help the students. She is Princess Kyra, of the Nereides Isles. After revealing herself, the students of Hogwarts are invited to attend the coronation of becoming queen. But, disaster strikes when someone ruins the ceremony. Making Harry, Hermione and Ron save the day, yet once again. Will they be able to help the newly crowned queen save her kingdom, or will the world be shrouded again in evil?


1. The Aftermath

-24 hours after the War-

Harry looked up towards the once tall, standing, proud Hogwarts Castle. The school he had grown up in for many years as a boy. The place he looked forward to attending to getting away from the Dursley's. The place that he had made so many memories with his friends. Memories of the sorting hat, practicing Quidditch early in the mornings, learning he had a godfather, all the mysterious he had solved with his friends. All sorts of memories flashed through his mind. Now, the image of Hogwarts, was now replaced with a burning castle that was severely damaged and looked as if it would collapse any minute. The flames had simmered down a lot, it was better than seeing it yesterday. Still, the image made Harry tear up, causing him to remove his glasses and wipe his tears away with his burnt shirt sleeve. Harry thought of how long it was going to take to repair Hogwarts, he thought about his critically injured schoolmates, it seemed like he thought of everything until he felt a tap on his shoulder "Mr. Potter," he pulled his eyes away from the castle and met the eyes of Professor McGonagall, her nicely tight bun was now replaced with her hair in a frizzy mess. Soot was covering her face, and her emerald green robes, which were always clean and neat. We're tattered and looked as if it was going to fall apart any second.

"You're only making this harder for yourself, stop looking at this horrible sight." She begged, her voice cracking. "I'm sorry professor." McGonagall pulled her robe closer to herself, as if she was cold from the nearby gust that was breezing by. "We have far more things to worry about than Hogwarts." McGonagall's gaze drifted to the field that wasn't too far from here. Harry could see many students limping, some were helping carry those too injured to walk, and some were huddled against some bonfires trying desperately to get warm.

"The more help we have, the faster we can help everyone here." Harry knew McGonagall was right, but he felt like he couldn't move from where he was standing. So many of his friends were dead, and seeing any more of his friends hurt, scared him. "Come Potter," McGonagall tenderly tugged him along with her. Harry took one more glance at the castle behind him, then followed professor McGonagall to the field.

Ron, was in a horrible state since the death of his brother, Fred. He wasn't as horrible as George, but it was still painful. The Weasley's had brought Fred out to the field and were still mourning his death. Hermione stayed with Ron and was doing her best to comfort him, she felt she wasn't doing that good of a job, but it was the thought that counts. "Why couldn't it've been me? I'm the one that should've gone! I'm old!" Mr. Weasley screeched, blowing his nose into what once was a clean handkerchief, which was now covered in soot and ash. As he blowed his nose, most of his face went black from how dirty it was.

"Stop that! Stop saying that!" Molly Weasley exclaimed, her face was red and old tear stains could be seen on her face. She'd had enough of her husband saying such cruel things, and the last thing she wanted was to lose another valued family member. "I could've saved him! Oh! My boy! My son!" Mr. Weasley looked at Fred, who was still smiling, as if he wasn't dead, looked as if nothing had happened. Mr. Weasley cried harder and placed both of his hands on his son's face. "My son! My son!" He repeated his statement for what seemed to be a million times until Mrs. Weasley yelled at him again, "he's not just your son, Arthur! He's mine too!" Tears started to form in her eyes and she joined with Mr. Weasley. They then wrapped both of their arms around each other and cried into each other's shoulders. "Bloody hell, it grows worse every minute." Ron said, only to be scolded by Hermione, "of course it's getting worse, Ron, they just lost a son- you just lost a brother! Why aren't you saying anything?!"

"I am saying something!" Ron broke from Hermione's gaze to keep her from seeing the tears well up in his eyes. He was weak enough already, the last thing he needed Hermione thinking, that he's a crybaby. Ron's eyes had focused on George. George had never left Fred's side since his passing. He was always there, gripping his hand tightly, tears dropped down from his eyes constantly, as if he had waterfalls for his eyes. Ron had never felt this horrible, yes, there were times where he felt like he messed something up. This time, he felt as if the world had just crumbled underneath his feet, and he was plummeting down a bottomless emotional filled hole. Tears had finally squeezed out of his eyes, and before Ron knew it. He was blubbering and crying harder than he had before, and he found Hermione, holding Ron in her arms. She caressed the back of his head, his hair was a burnt mess and smelled horribly of ash. What was he going to do without Fred? Sure Fred could be a pain, but he was always there for Ron, and he always knew how to make things better in the end. Now, Ron could see no bright side without him, and he didn't know how he could feel the same without Fred, again.

"Professor McGonagall, I have a quick question . . ." Harry said handing out some healing potions to students with minor wounds and so forth. McGonagall, was helping a student drink down an entire cup of dreaded Skel-grow. Harry shuddered at the sight of the bottle, he remembered the time when he was forced to drink that stuff. Just the memory caused him to throw up in his mouth a little. "Yes, Mr. Potter?"

"Will you be the new Headmaster of Hogwarts." McGonagall stayed silent at his question and continued helping the student. Once the student finally guzzled down the medicine, she looked up to Harry with somewhat sorrowful eyes. "I don't know, at this point they could hire anyone. Does this mean I'm not going to no longer work at Hogwarts? No, of course not! But will they hire me as Headmistress? That I cannot say." She stood up and started to walk ahead quickly to attend the other students, while Harry struggles behind carrying a large crate of burn, poison, confusion, and healing potions in his arms. McGonagall would often stop in her tracks and reach into Harry's crate and hand out some potions, while his knees shook, doing his best to hold the heavy crate. "Come along, Potter, still more students and others to attend to."

"Professor, if you needed help carrying such ... A heavy ... Crate. Why didn't you just... Call Hagrid over?"

"Mister Hagrid, is currently hunting in the Dark Forest, for food to help replenish the strength in everyone."

"Great..." Harry sighed as he gently placed the crate down ontop of a large boulder. Placing his hands on his knees he breathed heavily, trying to regain his strength back. "I apologize for the weight of it Mr. Potter, but I had to bring everything I had. You know how many students we have here at Hogwarts." McGonagall reaches for three burn potions and hands them to a couple of nearby students. Once Harry catches his breath, he stands back up and looks over at the ocean, the water was pure black from the overcast above in the sky. It seemed like something horrible was going to happen again. As if another war would pop out of nowhere.

Harry was about to pick up the crate again, when something caught his eye. He looked out again to the ocean, and could see something coming towards Hogwarts. He squinted as hard as he could only to be defeated by the specks of ash covering his glasses. Taking off his glasses and cleaning them off, he called out "Professor, do you see something out there?" McGonagall broke her glance and concentration fixed on some fellow students and looked out to the ocean. "What on earth are you talking about Mr. Potter? I see nothing." Harry placed his glasses back on his face, and pointed McGonagall in the direction of the object that could plainly be seen on the ocean now. "My goodness gracious! That's a ship! What in blazes is a ship doing here!" While McGonagall was trying to register the fact that there was a ship out there. He spotted a bright turquoise flag that was flying in the wind, along with another flag that was flying with a weird symbol painted on to it. "My gracious! That can't be!" McGonagall's hand flew to her mouth in shock, leaving Harry confused. "Can't be what? What is it Professor?" Harry was worried by the face that the professor was making, he was suddenly worried about the fact that it could be an enemy coming to attack. He feared for the worst when the professor suddenly started to run towards the beach, "Professor McGonagall! Wait!" And Harry went chasing after her.

The girl traveled along the path of the forest, humming quietly, she tightened her robe closer to her, as a cold gust of wind brushed her face. But she kept walking along the path, as if the cold wind didn't faze her. She looked happily along the trees and looked for any signs of wildlife along the way. A couple of times, she could hear hooves tramping along the forest floor, that sounded loudly with the crunch of dead leaves. She kicked a couple of rocks along the way keeping her entertained until she found any signs of wildlife. After a couple of kicks, she finally gets the sound of a bird chirping above her. She looked up in excitement and saw a beautiful red bird hanging in the trees. With a long tail of raging red feathers and a beautiful set of emerald eyes, she smiled and called out to the bird "Tobias! Come here!" With the bird's name called and her arm stretched out, the bird dived from the tree branch to meet the girl. Tobias, flew down to the girl's shoulder and gently cooed in her ear, making her chuckle. "So this is where you've been hiding. What made you come all the way out here?" The girl scratched Tobias's neck, earning a long, loud and appreciative coo. Once she was done scratching, Tobias cawed a long series of different sounds and calls, earning a long and shocked stare from the girl. "Oh? Really? Where?" Tobias thrusted his head in the direction if what seemed to be trouble. "Let's see what's going on then," with that, Tobias flapped his wings a couple of times, lifting himself into the air and flew in the direction of what seemed to be trouble, and the girl, trustingly followed after.

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