My bully

Anna is bullied everyday and everyday it gets worst and worst for her. And this is her diary.


1. New chapter

Hi I'm Anna lee. I have an older brother named Danny. I'm in 7th grade and Danny is in 9th grade. I'm the type to sit in the back of the class. The good kid never talks out or gets in trouble. Truth is my entire life has made a bad scar on me. Well today a guy called me a stupid cunt and when I get mad or embarrass my face gets really red. So now in school everyone calls me tinker bell or tinker. In 8th period a guy kept calling me Annie Lee and I hate when people call me that. You see my foster parents called me Annie when my mom was in rehab and I hate being called that now. And my teacher took my phone away from me when I was checking the time and I wanted to punch her in the face. Well not exactly but I got pretty mad. Well when I came home my stepdad didn't make it any better he just had to start a big fight with me.


Anna Lee

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