Webs, Fangs and Claws


6. VI

    Before the clans could move, Huey picked up one of the spiders and threw it up high in the air. They watched him jump up where it was and started ripping into it, tearing the legs off, and killing it right there in the air. As it was dead, he kicked the body down, and landed next to it. Every orc that was standing around, charged at Huey, but James and Tony jumped up and started fighting every orc, and spider. Everyone from both clans join in while Tony and James got to Huey.

“Huey, you must get to my daughter. She needs your help. I know about your love. We’ll talk about that later, but for right now, you must go help her. I believe that you and her have the same blood, and she lost a lot of her blood already. Save her, and come back to help us. Josh, and Liana will help you get to her.” said Tony.

“Yes sir. Lets go!” said Josh as he ran towards the village away from the fight, followed by Liana, and Huey.    


    While everyone was moving towards the fight, Josh, Liana, and Huey were moving away from the fight, moving to the village. Josh looked back at Huey who was bleeding from a wound on his forehead, and back at Liana who nodded. They wanted to know what the hell he was. Liana started to speed up, but also started to talk to Huey.

    “What the hell are you?” asked Liana as she looked back at Huey.

    “I am someone who is different from my clan. I have blood that contains both werewolf, and vampires.” said Huey as he looked at Josh and Liana.

    “So you mean to say that you are a vampire, and a werewolf, but you can only turn into a werewolf. There is no full moon tonight. How are you in your form?” asked Josh.

“I can change whenever I want. It comes from the blood I guess. I can’t really explain it, but I know one thing.” said Huey as he sped up.

“What's that?” asked Liana.

“I know that I love Brianna, and I want to save her before she dies.” said Huey.

“She is a vampire! You two can’t be together. That is against the treaty. If you two are together, then you will be put to death.” said Josh as he got to Huey’s side.

“We knew the risks, and yet we love each other. I don’t know why it was banned, but we love each other. If you know what love is, then think about what people would do for it. People do crazy things, when they are in love.” said Huey.

“Even though you two are in love, that won’t change the punishment. You will die, by your fathers hand. If you don’t die, the treaty will fall, and war will break out between the two clans.” said Liana.

“I won’t let anyone hurt her. If you want to hurt her, you have to go through me first. How do you think I was fighting the orcs and giant ass spiders? They hurt Brianna, and before they could kill her, I jumped in and fought.” said Huey as he wiped blood off his forehead.

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