Webs, Fangs and Claws


5. V

    The things looked like people, but there was something different about them. They stood with a hunch, and their heads were green. They were closing in on Brianna, but Huey landed in between them and her. Brianna looked up to see him, surprised that he was really in the vampires land, but something that really surprised her was that Huey was in his werewolf stage. She then thought back when he told her that he could change whenever he wanted to. She didn’t think he was going to show up here in that form. He looked around at the beings, and looked back at Brianna who was crying and was bleeding. Huey quickly looked up, to see one of the beings holding a black sword, which was dripping blood off from it.


    Huey quickly looked down to his feet, as he was shaking with anger, and the way the sounds of the blood dripping to the floor, the splashing sound was like fuel to a fire that was in heart. Before Brianna could get up, Huey went crazy beating the crap out of the beings, howling, and growling. Brianna started to get worry, because she heard her clan running towards her, and she knew that Huey’s caln was coming as well. This was bad, since Huey was a werewolf, and he was on the White Fangs land. She had to get up, but the sword hit her chest, and it was painful to even to move. She could hear the footsteps coming in every directions, but she couldn’t do anything but watch Huey kill the creatures.

    Brianna noticed Huey’s ear twitching back and forth, then pushed one of the beings back, taking the fight away from the area. It was working, as all the beings followed Huey, leaving Brianna laying there on the ground. About two or three minutes went by when the White Fangs showed up. Tony walked up to Brianna, and inspected her wound, then looked up, at the Wild Wolves who were standing in the trees, and James walked up.

    “What are you doing in our land?” asked Tony as he watched James bend down in front of him.

    “We heard a werewolf howl, and rushed to it. It came from this spot, and it was my son who did it.” said James as he looked down at Brianna.

    “Your son was here in our land. Brianna, did you see him?” asked Tony.    

    “Yes, but he was fighting these beings, and moved them that way.” said Brianna as she pointed in the direction that Huey moved the fight.

    “He was here in our land. That is in violation of the treaty.” said Tony as he stared at James with his fangs out.

    “It wasn’t his fault. Huey came to my rescue. If he didn’t come, I would be dead. He saved me.” said Brianna as she spoke out to her father.

    “Why are you sticking up for him? He was here. It doesn’t matter if he saved you from a giant spider. He still came into our land.” said Tony.

    “The last thing is to begin a war on our hands. Lets sort this out later. Where is Huey now?” asked James as he looked down at Brianna.

    “He is going to pull the fight away from us. He went north.” said Brianna.

    “Do you think he will need any help?” asked Tony as he looked up at James.

    “I don’t believe so. Huey is powerful and stronger than anyone of us. Even more stronger than you and me. He will be fine, but Brianna is bleeding from her chest. That wound isn’t from claws, its from a sword.” said James as he slowly picked Brianna up, and handed her over to the White Fangs.

    “Take her back home, while we...oh god. Look out!” yelled Tony as he jumped out of the way.


    As everyone jumped out of the way, Huey was thrown backwards crashing into the ground, going past the two clans, and stopping at the end. Everyone watched Huey get up to his feet, blood and sweat dripping off his head. No one knew what he was going to do, until he howled really loud, and jumped forward, to where he was thrown, and as he landed, the ground shook as if he made an earthquake. Tony looked at James who shared the same shocked expression. Before anyone could do anything, Huey jumped into the air again, but this time he was holding what looked like a spider leg.

    Even Brianna didn’t know what was going on with him, until she saw a thin white rope go around his foot, and pull him straight down to the ground, making a huge hole where he landed. James looked at Tony and nodded as he got everyone to follow them as they made their way to help Huey. What they saw next really shocked them. Both clans were staring at Huey fighting with everything he had, but he was fighting what looked like orcs and giant spiders. Huey was bouncing everywhere killing the orcs while he was grabbing the spiders legs and making them fall to the ground.


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