Webs, Fangs and Claws


9. IX

Right then and there, everyone followed Huey into battle, the werewolves changed, and the vampires charged. The clouds became black and the heavens started to rain. Huey was in the air, landing next to the spiders, and started to kill the orcs while the two clans started to climb up the spiders and fighting themselves. Huey looked back to see Brianna fighting along side the two clans. Huey took out two huge spiders but when he looked back at Brianna, who was being held around the neck by an orcs, and thrown towards a huge rock that could have killed her if she hit it.

Huey jumped in front of her, and caught her  trying to see if she was alright, but she had no movement. She wasn’t breathing and her body was lifeless. Huey felt his heart break, and his rage started to begin a stage that only James seen. The air started to get thick, and James noticed what was going on. He told everyone to move back; to get out of there as fast as they could, or else they would get kill. James looked over to see Huey covered in a red cloak, and the white spikes were starting to form.

Huey was trying to control it, but the monster wanted to come out and kill the bastards that killed his love. The creature took over Huey’s body, as he struck fear into the orcs, and everyone else. Before the orcs could do anything, Huey pulled his spine out of his body, and started to whip it around, taking the spiders down, and killing the orcs in the process. The battle didn’t last long as Huey was in this state, but as he killed more of the enemy, but the creatures died at his feet. When every single orc and spider was dead, he transformed back into his normal self. He walked over to Brianna wanting her to open her eyes. When one of his tear fell on her face, she opened her eyes. Huey saw that she was alive, and kissed her passionately.

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