Webs, Fangs and Claws


4. IV

    The boy was about fourteen or fifteen, but she had never saw him in the village at all. He had spiky black hair, and wore dark clothes. Before she could even walk again, a small stone came bouncing in front of her. Brianna looked down at the boy, who looked as if he didn’t move.

    “Brianna, daughter of Tony, the leader of the White Fangs?” asked the boy.    

    “Yes, but how did you know that? You're not from the clan are you?” asked Brianna as she took a step closer to him.    

    “No, I am not from the White Fangs, but my father is best friends with your father. My name is Huey, and I am from the Wild Wolves.” said Huey as he stood up, and faced Brianna who had hate in her eyes.    

    “What are you doing here? This is our land. You have no right to be here.” said Brianna as Huey could hear the haterd coming out.

    “Why are you getting aggressive? You were calm before, and now since you found out that I am a wolf, you start this. This land is not owned by us or you. I have every right to be here like you.” said Huey as he turned back to the water.   

    “Your a werewolf, and I am a vampire. We might have a treaty, but I still don’t like werewolves.” said Brianna.

    “Then you're in luck because I am a werewolf nor a vampire. I contain both werewolf and vampire blood. The blood runs through my veins, and I am different from my clan.” said Huey as he sat back down.

    “What do you mean? Do you mean to tell me that your blood contains both werewolf and vampire blood? How is that possible?” asked Brianna as she walked closer to him.   

    “I don’t know how, but I can change whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for a full moon, like my clan.” said Huey as he sounded like he was going to run away.    

    “Then why is it, that there is not more of you. If you are different then, there should be a clan like you.” said Brianna as she was right behind him.    

    “Because what I am, is an abomination. There has never been a mix in the blood line. I do not know who had the vampire blood inside them, but I got it. My father calls me the evolution, but I know that this has never happened before. Maybe I should just run away. My clan knows I’m different, and they say how I will never get married. No one likes a freak” said Huey as he stood up, and faced her.    

“That’s not true. I like you, even though you're a werewolf, I kind of want to try this out. You might think that this is crazy because it could be against the rules, but will you go out with me?” asked Brianna as she slowly reached for Huey’s hands, and held them.

“Why would you want to date me? Aren’t you afraid that if our parents will catch us. You know the punishment if we are caught, we will be killed. Are you sure, you want to do this?” asked Huey as he looked up into her eyes.

“I feel like if that ever happens that you will protect me with all your strength. Do you want to try it, and see how far it goes?” asked  Brianna.

“I think it would be a bad idea to say no, since I like you too. Maybe its more than a crush, I love you. I would love to go out with you.” said Huey as he leaned in for a kiss.

“I love you too. Now since I have been away from my village for so long, and so have you, let's meet back here later.” said Brianna as she kissed him back.  

    “Let’s meet back here soon.” said Huey as he let go of Brianna’s hand and took off towards his village.


    Brianna watched her love run towards his village, and thought if something had happened, that Huey would protect her until he died. That's Would only happen if their parents founds out. The whole thing about a werewolf dating a vampire is forbidden, and the punishment in death. Brianna needed to  keep this secret from her parents , and the entire clan. She turned around and took off back to her village. She turned to set off to her village. As she was jumping through the trees, she saw a person standing next to a tree. She jumped down to see what he was doing, but as she hit the ground, the person turned around, to reveal a long black piece of metal in his hand. Brianna tried to jump out of the way, but the piece of metal hit her chest, cutting it open, blood spilling to the ground. She couldn’t fight back, and her energy was fading away, so she screamed out loud, hoping the scream would reach Huey. When she heard the scream echo, she fell to the ground, and noticed that the person was not human, and there were more of them.

    Huey was almost to his village when he heard a weird scream that filled his ears, but it wasn’t human, vampire, or werewolf. He looked out towards the vampires land, and he took off to investigate, even though it was in the vampire’s land. Huey turned around to find out what had made that scream. Jumping off the trees and making his way back to the middle, he heard another scream, but this one was a vampire, a girl’s scream. He quickly realized that it was Brianna who scream. He stopped on a branch outside of the vampires and, feeling his heart beating fast, and felt him change. Now he was in his werewolf, he took off as fast as he could. When he was close enough, he jumped up into the air, to see Brianna laying on the floor surrounded by twenty things. Huey howled in the air, as he landed in between Brianna and the weird people.


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