Webs, Fangs and Claws


3. III

    Now in the White Fangs the leader was named Tony Hughes. Tony was born on April 24, 1930, and his childhood was like any other vampires life.  Being born, training everyday to become the next leader, and learning everything about the other clan. Tony didn’t understand or hate  the other clan when he was younger until the death his father. Tony’s father was murdered by one of the werewolves from the clan. The werewolf was named a rogue, because the vampire was on their own land, and not doing anything for his death. After Tony found out about the truth of why his father died, he have conjured up this pure hatred for the wolves. Tony became the leader at the age of twenty, but he needed a wife to prove that he was going to be a great leader. After five years of searching, he found his soul mate.

    Tony was speaking to the whole clan about the day the clan was form, when there was this call from one of the members. Tony set a group up, to investigate the call, when there was a loud scream, and several howls. Tony started to take the group out, but then he heard the whole clan moving behind him to help him with the wolves. As they are getting closer to the spot where they heard the scream, the scent of wolves started to get thick and almost every vampire covered their nose from the smell. Tony started to running faster, to the scene when he heard the other clan running to the scene as well. Thats when Tony thought that this might be a bad idea to have the whole clan with him. Right as they arrived to the spot, there in the middle was the girl who was the scream was laying the on ground, with ten wolves dead on the ground, and there were ropes everywhere. As Tony stopped the clan, and walked up alone to the girl; he looked up to see the other clan and saw James walking up to Tony. Right as they were standing right in front of each other, they spoke the first words since either of them were made the clan leaders.

    “Do you know what happened here? Why ten of my men are on the ground dead, and one of yours still alive?” asked James as he kept his anger back.

    “I can assure you this wasn’t our doing, but I take it that you won’t listen to me.” said Tony as he kept the clan back.

    “You're right, I don’t believe you, so why don't you tell me the truth. What the hell happened here?” asked James as Tony could hear the best wanting to come out but couldn’t.

    “Like I said, this isn’t my doing. Listen to me, if this was my clans doing, then there would be more than one vampire out here.” said Tony as he showed James his explanation.

    “Then tell me why ten of my best men are dead, and the stupid little girl is alive? I am curious to ask about that because if you didn’t do that, then why wasn’t she killed as well?” asked James.

    “How do you know she is alive?” asked Tony as he looked down to the girl.

    “Her scent is strong and she is twitching her left arm. Take her out of here. This is not a good spot for her right now, and not while she is bleeding.” said James.

    “Molly, Darwin, take her to my hut. Make sure she has all the medical attention she needs. I’ll be there soon, but first I’m going to stay here to prove that we didn’t do this.” said Tony as he walked up to the girls body.

    “You know I can’t let you stay here without someone from my clan to watch you. I will also stay behind to find out what happened. Wild Wolves, go back home.” said James as he howled in the air.

    “Fine, White Fangs, go home and stay away from his spot until further notice.” said Tony.


    Both James and Tony watch their clans walk back to their homes. Some of them wanted to stay, but Tony shooked his head at them. When he turned around, he saw James checking the bodies of the ten wolves. James noticed that the ten wolves died from bullets wounds, and not from a vampire bite. He thought back to find out that the girl didn’t have a gun in her hands, so maybe she wasn’t the one to blame for these deaths, but it was hard to tell what happened. The area was too small, and not much evidence anywhere, but James used his nose and ears to figure out what happened. Tony walked over the where the girl was laying and saw shattered glass finding in the grass, and now that she was gone, he noticed blood trailing off in the different direction.

    “Hey James, I see blood going north from here. Do you think we should follow it?” asked Tony as he looked back at James.

    “No, I have a bad feeling about this. Don’t try to follow the blood. I am getting the feeling that your clan didn’t do this, but that whoever did this is still armed and there are more of them then we think.” said James as he stood up.

    “How do you see that?” asked Tony as he looked closely at the bodies.

    “These ten were powerful strong. It would have taken a thousand men to take these ten down. Plus the way the wounds are, they are pulling silver nitrate out of them. That would kill a werewolf in a matter of seconds.” said James as he showed Tony the wounds.   

    “How do you know that?” asked Tony

    “The liquid would poured into the bloodstream and kill us. It only takes us a few seconds to get affected by it. Something, we as werewolves hate. More than vampires.” said James as he looked at Tony’s shocked face.

    “So what do you think, should we go after them tonight or should we just say it was fake?” asked Tony.

    “How in the hell are we going to say this was fake?” asked James as he was curious to hear what Tony’s answer would be.

    “I don’t know, it was just a suggestion. How about we forget this happened, and I will ask the girl what she saw.’ said Tony.

    “You will have to tell me what she said. I want to know what had happened to my men.” said James.

    “Alright, I should be off now.” said Tony as he took off back to his home.


    Tony was making his way home, when he heard a scream, but it wasn’t human, and it didn’t sound like a vampire or a werewolf. It was like if a story his father told him when he was young. The story consists with orcs, but Tony didn’t believe them, until he heard that scream. Thats when Tony started to pick the pace up, and in a couple of seconds he was back at the home. Two guards stood outside of his hut, but when he got there both of them bowed, in respect. Tony bowed back, and walked inside to see the woman up and well. Tony walked up to the woman, and started to speak to her slowly.

    “My name is Tony, what's yours?” asked Tony.

    “My..name is Jasmine. W-where am I?” asked Jasmine.

    “You are in the clan of the White Fangs. Right now, you are in my hut or house if you want to call it. We found you surrounded by ten werewolves in the forrest of their land. Can you remember anything from the time you were awake until now?” asked Tony as he walked over to the bed and sat down.   

    “To tell you the truth, I don’t remember anything from today. Everything is in a blur, and it happened fast. All I know is that I was getting chased by something, and when those ten wolves came out, i past out. I’m sorry, but I just can’t remember anything after that.” said Jasmine as she looked down as if she was about to cry, but Tony carefully cupped her face with his hands.    

    “You're safe now. Nothing is going to hurt you anymore, I’ll see to that.” said Tony as he wiped the tears away from her face.

    “Why do this? Why bring me here? Why are you treating me like I’m your true love?” asked Jasmine.

    “One, you were found surrounded by ten powerful werewolves. two you needed medical supplies, and three I think I am in love with you. I know we know nothing about each other, but I think I found the one.” said Tony as he stood up, and turned his back to her.

    “The one? What do you mean by that?” asked Jasmine.    

    “I mean the one that I want to spend the rest of my mind with. I know it sounds strange, but will you marry me?” asked Tony as he dropped his head, not making eye contact.   

    “I don’t know. I feel safe in this hut, and with you, but I haven’t gotten to know you. Even though there are many pros and cons to this, but I have to go with my heart. I will marry you, son of Faran.” said Jasmine as she watched Tony slowly lift his head and turned around to face her.


    That night both Jasmine and Tony started to talk about themselves, and started to get to know each other. The next week, they got married, but Tony still had to do something before anything else had taken place. He called James to meet him in the forrest to talk about what had happened, or all the information that he had contained. As they talked about the attack, Jasmine realized that she was pregnant with a baby girl, and she was going to be born now. Tony had gotten the news, and rushed back to the village, to become the first visitor for his new baby girl. When they were trying to figure out the name, they came up with Brianna. Brianna had stayed with her parents for about fourteen years when she was finally able to explore the land. When she was exploring, something caught her eye. A boy about the same age as her was walking to the to a small lake, but when he got to the lake; he sat down and stared into it. She walked up behind him, when she saw his ear twitch. Brianna stopped walking as she stared at the back of the boys head.    


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