Webs, Fangs and Claws


2. II

    In the wild wolves, the clan leader was named James Adams. James was born on January 13, 1920. His father had died when he was young, and he had no mother to take care of him. James was forced to live on his own, but when he challenged the clan leader to a duel for the role of the leader, James was victorious. James had to have someone to lead the clan with so, that's when he found a woman named Ali Dean. They met in a clan meeting that was about the vamps coming into their hunting grounds.

“We have a problem to deal with. The vamps are coming into our hunting grounds, and last time I told them to stay out, or be killed.” said James as he looked at the clan.

“We should kill them. Every single one of them. They don’t have a mind about the us, or our agreement. We should make waste to them.” said Johnny.

    “We can’t do that. I promised my father that I would keep the other clan around until I die; they need us, and we need them. The last time something like this happened, we almost got into a full on war with the other clan.” said James as he silenced them all.

    “How about we talk to the leader of the clan. Vampires and Werewolves have been enemies since the first thousands of years. We should form a treaty with them. Sure there are more werewolves than they have vampires, but we could help them when they need help, and the same goes for them. We will live forever until we get killed. Why can’t we be allies with them?” asked one of the woman in the group.

    “Are you insane?  WereWolves and Vampires are suppose to be enemies, we can’t just put a thousand years of haterd off, and have peace between us! Are you a vampire?” yelled Adam.

    “No, that is ridiculous! I am not a blood sucking vampire! How could you say something like that? I just know that it would be a good idea to do so. What do you think?” asked the same woman.

    “I would say that is a good idea, but both leaders have not talked about it in over seventy years. Lets do it then, but I need you to come with me. Meet me in the forrest in thirty minutes. Everyone else, get ready if something goes wrong.” said James as he jumped down from the tree he was standing on.

    James walked to the forrest to see the girl standing next to a tree waiting for James. She stood up as he walked closer, and tried to bow, but he stopped her. She watched as he walked by, and started to get this feelings of passion for him. They walked for a long time, until they were intercepted by five vampires. All of them had hoods on, and the way they dressed was different. Every vamp that James has ever seen wore a normal clothes, but these vamps were wearing a black and red long robes. They grabbed the girl, but James grabbed girl, and pulled her into his chest.

“If you try to grab her again, I will kill you.” growled James as he could feel his form wanting to come out.

“Shut up K-9! You need to come with us, and don’t interrupt us when we are examining!” yelled one of them as James heard all of them draw their fangs out.

“Shut up you stupid blood sucking parasite. You don’t grab my wife like that!” lied James as he looked down at Ali’s face as she light up like a light bulb.

“This is your wife? More like drooling bitch, maybe you should drop her in the trash and leave.” said the same guy.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!? THAT'S IT, YOUR ASS IS MINE!” yelled as James as he felt his blood boil.


    What happened next, shocked the woman, and even the five vampires. James couldn’t hold his creature back, so he changed into the wolf that was inside. The five vampires flinched as they saw the werewolf standing in front of them, but couldn’t move because of the fear that overcame them. The woman grabbed James claw as he swung at one of vampires. The woman got James to turn back into a human, and right as his human lips show, she kissed him passionately.

The vampires got back to their normal selves and looked at James who was back to his normal self. They all looked at each other, and back at James and the woman. They all nodded and disappeared in a explosion of white smoke. When the smoke cleared, there was Tony standing there staring at both James and the woman. He walked up to James and put his hand out.

    “I understand you are the Wild Wolves leader. My name is Tony Hughes. I am the leader of the White Fangs.

"My name is James, and this is my wife.” said James as he motioned to the woman.

“My name is Ali Deans. My husband is the leader of the Wild Wolves.” said Ali as she looked up at James as he blushed.

“What do I owe the pleasure for visit to our lands?” asked Tony as he kept eye contact with James.

    “We wanted to ask if we could make a treaty. We agree to stay off your land, and if you are in need for help, we will be glad to fight along side with you, and in return, we hope the same from you. We will be at peace after all this fighting and violence. What do you say?” asked James as he kept Tony’s gaze.

    “So if I agree to this, then there will be no more deaths of vampires and wolves? If we are under attack by the human, we can count on you to help us, if we do the same for you, even though you might not need it?” asked Tony.

“Yes, thats right. Can we have this treaty?” asked James as he put his left hand out.

“I do believe we can. By this day forth, we are now allies. Don’t make me regret this son. I don’t want to be betrayed.” said Tony as he grabbed James hand to shake.


James and Tony let go of each other, as they both turned around and walked back to their clans. Ali caught up with James, and grabbed his hand as they walked back. Before they knew it, there stood in front of them was the clan, wanting to know what had happened. As James told the clan what had happened, Ali walked to the forest again to look out at the moon behind the clouds. She was standing there in the forest by herself for a while until a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist, scaring her a bit, but noticed who it was. She turned around to see James looking down at her, with his big brown eyes. She wanted to ask about the wife thing, but didn’t know how to do so.

    “Uh James? Why did you call me your wife?” asked Ali as she got out of his grip.

    “I..uh..meant what I said. Would you be my wife?” asked James as he went onto one knee, and looked up into her eyes.

    “What about our age? We are only sixteen. James, I mean I don’t really know you, but I will accept your request anyway. I would be happy to be your wife, and I want be begin a new chapter with you in my life.” said Ali, as she went to bow before him, but he stopped her again.

    “Why do you keep trying to bow before me?” asked James.

    “Because you are our leader. It’s respectful to bow.” said Ali.

    “My love, you don’t to bow to anyone. Not even me. said James as he stepped closer to Ali, and cupped her face with his hands.

    “Oh okay, so then I guess we better call it a night, and go..to...s.sleep” said Ali as she kissed James passionately.


    James led Ali to where he lived, and She saw that it was a dark wet cave that overlooked the whole land that they owned. Ali looked over to her left, and saw the sunset that was visible from where the cave was. She had never seen it up close, and she noticed that it was beautiful with the colors. As she watched the sun disappear over the horizon, James had jumped down on the other side, and picked up a bed. As James carried that bed up, Ali explored the cave, but noticed that James was no in sight. She walked back out of the cave and called his name, trying to find him.

    “James? Where are you?” yelled Ali as she was waiting for him to answer her.

    “Ali, what’s wrong? What has happened?” asked James as he was worried that something had happened.

    “Nothing has happened. I just wanted to know where you went. I turned around, and you poof, nowhere in sight.” said Ali as she tried to trace his voice.    

    “I’ll be there in a second. I.uh..had to get something. Hold on. Almost there.” said James as he got back into the cave in front of Ali.

    “Where did you go?” asked Ali as she walked up to him.

    “In this cave is no bed. I threw my bed down the mountain, because I don’t sleep that much. I haven’t slept that well since my father died, so i started to lose sleep. Now that you might be staying with me, you will need somewhere to sleep.” said James.

    “Who said I was going to be sleeping here with you?” asked Ali as she knew it would throw him off.

    “Oh I just thought that you didn’t want to walk back to your house, so I thought I would offer.....” said James, but he couldn’t finish his sentence because Ali kissed him.

    “I’m just kidding James. I would love to stay with you. I want you to be by my side until you die.” said Ali as she hugged him tightly.

    “Oh okay. Lets get some sleep, and get the wedding going tomorrow.” said James as he placed the bed down.

    “Alright, but lets get some sleep.” said Ali as she walked over the bed.    


    After that night, James and Ali got married, to begin a new chapter in each others lives, but the future was something they couldn’t really predicted. They were the youngest pair to get married, but they did. After the twentieth anniversary, Ali had found out that she was pregnant with a baby boy, and before they knew it, this boy was going to be the next clan leader. Ali named the boy Huey. When Huey was five, James thought it would be a good idea to see his sons transformation, but when it was a full moon night, Huey turned into his form six hours before the night even hit. James was curious about Hueys form, because he wasn’t covered in hair like anyone else. James got some blood from Huey and had it tested to see if Huey was a full bread werewolf. The test came back to say that Huey wasn’t a full bread werewolf, but his blood was mixed with some vampire blood. He was a new evolution, that has never happened before. James wanted to test this new form, so when the moon was shining bright, James and Huey had a little spar match to see who was stronger.

When James changed, Huey starred his father in the eyes before throwing a punch at his father, but James blocked it, and returned the attack at Huey. Not being fast enough, the punch connected with Huey’s jaw, but as he hit the ground; Huey got back up to throw a kick that connected with his fathers ribs. James went flying backwards, crashing into rocks and trees before slamming into a huge boulder. James wondered about this power, but couldn’t think long because Huey was running at him with extreme speed. Huey was close enough to hit James with another attack, but James roundhouse kicked Huey back, then caught him in a defense hold.

Out of nowhere there was a feeling of hate and death that filled the spar match. When James looked down at Huey, his son was turning red, and was transforming into something different. James let Huey go, but got back some distance to see this form. Huey looked back at his father, and James noticed his eyes were turning from the back of the old form to a dark red to this new form. White spikes started to come out of Huey’s body, and covered his entire torso. Huey was holding his head as he fell to his knees as if he was in pain from in this transformation, but the when the spikes stopped growing, the transformation stopped as well. Huey’s body stood up and turned around to stare at James, but the way Huey’s eyes were, it sent shivers down his spine. Huey was now somewhere else with this creature, controlling him. James ran up to Huey, but got knocked back with enough force to make James going flying into the air about fifty or sixty feet in the air. As James was about to hit the ground, Huey’s speed changed, because before James hit the ground, Huey appeared in front of him and gave him a powerful kick to James ribs again.

    James couldn’t take another kick like that in his current form, but as James flew over the field, Huey showed up above him, and smashed both of his hands into James chest; sending him down into the ground. Huey landed little way from the hole that James was in. No movement were coming from James, until he slowly started to climb up out of the hole. James was shaking as he managed to climb out of the hole, he transformed back into his human form. When James looked up, he noticed two things. One, both of them were in the “White Fangs” hunting ground, and two, Huey was starting to turn back into his human form.

    Huey dropped to his knees as the spikes started to go back into Hueys body, and thats when James finally figured out what w those spikes were. The spikes were his bones, but the form could have been a substitute of bones. James walked over to Huey, and helped him up to his feet. Before long James heard several sounds like footsteps bouncing off the trees, and heading for them. He looked up to the sky, to the moon that was still out, and quickly changed back to his form. He looked at Huey as he did the same, and both of them took off back to their own land. As they ran, James started to think about Huey’s power, and his form that is controlled by his anger. He’s a weird child, but James had the feeling that he was going to be a strong leader. James and Huey got back to their land, and called it a night.



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