Webs, Fangs and Claws


1. I

    In the year of 2020, there were two major creatures that had fought for land, for almost hundreds of years. These creatures would hunt on the land that was owned by the other, and fight for their land. Whenever these two fearsome clans would fight, it would be like gods in a war. The ground would shake, the sky would pale; the two clans would be in the biggest fight anyone has ever seen. Even though these clans were creatures, they had to live with normal people like you and me; normal people who didn’t believe in myths. The clans had to live in this world, without showing anyone there true forms. One clan could do it, but the other couldn’t do it. These two clans were called “Wild Wolves” and “White Fangs”. By those two names you might be thinking of what the clans were and you are right. The Wild Wolves are a clan of werewolves, and The White Fangs are a clan of vampires. This is where our story begins.


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