The Walking Dead

A few months after the zombie apocalypse began me and Daryl Dixon met and ended up in a place full of hope with Rick and his group


1. The Start

I feel something grab my leg as I run. I fall to the ground screaming "Daryl! Help me!" The zombie pulls me towards it as it tries to bite into my leg I kick it and Daryl runs towards me and grabs the zombie by the collar of its torn shirt. He throws it against the tree and stabs it in the head.

He helps me up and we turn left and ran into a herd of zombies. We sprint the other way and see a prison. We shake the fence and see people running out. A man in a sheriffs uniform comes to the fence and opens the gate. I throw my hands around Daryl's neck and lay my head on his shoulders. I close my eyes as gunshots are fired. I feel someone grab my arm.

"Hi I'm Carl." I heard someone say. I opened my eyes and it was a 14 year old boy with bright blue eyes and brown hair and a hat that just showed his face enough for me see. "Hi I'm Katie" I reply to him. I sit up and look around "Where am I?" I ask him. " You're in you new room." Carl answered. I stand up and begin to fall forward. Carl rushes in front of me and catches me before I fall. We stare into each other's eyes for a few moments then he smiled and I looked away.

"Your eyes are beautiful." He says in a low voice. I smile and start to giggle. "Was that too cheesy?" He said with a chuckle. I answer back to him "No it's... Kind of cute... You're kind of cute." We both laugh and stand up face to face. As we begin to lean in his dad Rick walks in.

"Are you feeling better?" Rick asks me

"Yeah... I'm ok but my head still hurts a little."

I tell him in a shy tone.

He turned and walked away into the next cell block. And Carl looks at me with a smile.

"Bye, I'll see you in a few." Carl told me.

"Yeah, in a few." I said with a big smile on my face.

I walked out of my room and see an old man with only one leg. He had a smile on his face and looked at me.

"Come over here mam' let me see your head." He said moving his hand to tell me to go to him.

I walk towards him and sit down next to him. He touches my head where I have a cut.

"You'll have to keep that wrapped up or something alright, it's still very tender and it might hurt there for a while because there's gonna be a bruise." He told me. I looked at him and shook my head.

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