The Walking Dead

A few months after the zombie apocalypse began me and Daryl Dixon met and ended up in a place full of hope with Rick and his group


2. Love In a Hopeless Place

I walked outside and saw everyone eating. Everyone seemed to like Daryl and I. Yesterday Daryl went hunting with Michonne and Zack. Daryl came back with a deer, this morning everyone was thanking him.


When I was done eating I went in cell block C to wake Carl up for Rick. When I walked into his room I sat on his bed and tapped his shoulder. He woke up and looked at me.


"Hey, good morning." He told me.

"Good morning, your dad told me to come and wake you up." I him as I stood up.

"Wait for me outside." He told me as he stood up and grabbed his clothes.

I looked back at him and smiled.

When he came out of his room he had a black shirt and a brown jacket, he looked at me as he put his hat on. Beth was feeding Judith when she looked up at us and Carl grabbed my hand. When Carl and I went outside in the prison yard we saw Rick Glenn and Hershel building something. I went over to them and asked what they were doing. Glenn and Rick spoke at the same time telling me they were building some swings. I went over and sat beside Maggie as she was watching Glenn.

"This place is amazing. How did you guys get it cleared? How long have you been her?" I asked Maggie as I looked back at the prison.

"About 6 months. It took awhile to get it cleared we lost some people but the rest of us made it."she said as she was playing with her ring.

"WOW! That's a beautiful ring. Where did you get it?" I asked her.

"Glenn found it on a run and he asked my dad for his approval and he said okay. Then Glenn proposed." She explained with a big smile in her face.

We both lied down and looked at the sky. Carl came and lied beside me and held my hand. Daryl walked up to me and told me he was going on a run with Sasha, Zack, Bob, Michonne and Glenn. I looked up at him ond said ok. Glenn put all the boards down and walked with Daryl to the Cars.

They came back from their run right before dinner. We had all the plates set out on the tables when they saw us.

"Where's Zack?" Beth asked Sasha.

"We don't know, we were walking through the woods to get back to the cars and we ran into a herd. We all spread out. When we got back to the cars we couldn't find him." Sasha explained.

Beth began to cry. Glenn walked up to her and hugged her. Maggie took Beth to her room and came back outside to eat. When we went inside Carol and Daryl were talking and Carl was talking to Beth to make her feel better. Rick came over to me and smiled.

''You've changed his life. He's happier, nicer and acts like a normal kid. Thank you.'' Rick said to me with a kind smile.

''I didn't do anything... He's just really nice. Living in this world can change a person for good or... or for bad.'' I explained.

I walked over to Carl and sat beside him. We hugged each other and to my surprise he turned his head and kissed me. I ran to my room as everyone stood there looking at Carl shocked. Carl followed me.

''Look, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that.'' He told me.

I looked into his eyes and kissed him back. I lied down and told him good night. He waled over to the bed and cuddled with me. Rick and Tyreese came in to the cell block and rick blew out the candle in my room.

(sorry there wasn't that much today but next week I'm doing an entire chapter. Thanks for reading. Oh and just wait till Chapter 3; Lost Hope. Carl's birthday isn't as happy as he thought.)





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