The Musings of an Overthinker

A journal of sorts.


2. The F Word

“So what are your plans for the future?”
And there it was, the dreaded F word.

That seems to be the only question on everyone’s mind when they first meet you. I’ve had so many F bombs dropped on me lately that I can answer without even paying attention. I just have to repeat the same few sentences over and over again to the knot of curious onlookers gathered around me waiting with bated breath anxious as to what exactly I plan on doing with my life. Sometimes I get tempted to say I aspire to be a Vegas showgirl, just to amuse myself with the shocked expressions that that statement would undoubtedly get. But instead I stick to the script – I tell them about my college plans.

All this talk about the future makes you think about the choices you’ve made and the ones you’ve yet to make. I’ve started questioning the course I’ve chosen, the career I plan on pursuing and even the country I’ve picked to study in. But then again I’ve been told I tend to overthink things from time to time!

So from all that overthinking I ended up wondering about crystal balls. I don’t believe in predicting the future or the like, but what if you could? What if it actually was possible to see how you’d turn out 10 years down the line? Would you want to know what happens or would you want to wait for things to fall in to place? And if we could get to know what’s in store for us in the future, I wonder if we’d change anything or if we’d be satisfied with the decisions we’ve made which got us to where we’re at.

Just the musings of an overthinker ...

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