The Musings of an Overthinker

A journal of sorts.


3. "Everything Happens for a Reason."

Whenever something bad or unexpected comes your way there’s usually that one person trying to comfort you by telling you that there must be a reason as to why you’ve been dealt this horrible hand right now. That there must be some purpose behind the seemingly unjust event that you've just been faced with. That the universe has a plan for us and that this is all just part of the plan.


Whenever I got upsetting news, hearing that it had “happened for a reason” helped in no way whatsoever except to piss me off further. What were these reasons? I didn’t believe that there were any. I believed that bad things happened to everyone and that you can never tell when you’re going to be the victim. So I would … ‘scoff’ shall we say, to put it incredibly mildly, when someone would tell me that the pain and hurt I was feeling, the anger, the confusion, it was all for some unknown reason that would apparently be clear to me eventually.


So I accepted the bad when it came and dealt with it. But I refused to wait or look around for any reasons. I adamantly believed that such things would just happen and that no eventual good result would come out of all of it.


Today, however, I’m swallowing my pride (which for anyone who knows me even as a mere acquaintance can say is something that’s near impossible for me to do) and I’m admitting that maybe there is something behind this whole “reason for the evil” logic. Of course, I didn’t just wake up in the morning and decide to turn my opinion around a full 360. After a series of unfortunate events, I’ve finally got a break. And I know I wouldn’t have gotten it without having all those bad things happen to me. So maybe everything does happen for a reason - I’ve finally been given a reason.


Just the musings of an overthinker ...    

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