Well if you have read The Outsiders you might like this...
It all started in my English class, we had read the outsiders but now we had to pick a scene and write ourselves in. I thought it would be a really cool movella, just letting people post their own story. Read the first chapter for instructions.


1. To add a chapter... :)

Comment below if you would like to add a story.

I will put you in a coauthor spot and when you finish your entry, you uncoauthor(?) yourself.

I have a few rules... If you break them I am just going to take down your chapter, fix it, and put it back up.

1) No cursing, I cannot stand it! There are some young children on here! Just don't try it!

2) Use good grammar, if you break this rule (and I mean writing it like this -then we used the car. it was borin but we had fun anyway. do u lik car rids? there fun and excitin.- I know that made NO sense but use good grammar) I probably will just take down the chapter all together

3) Only use 1 chapter, you can make up to 2 different ideas, 1 chapter per each

4) Don't break any rules <3


Just comment if you would like to add a chapter :)

And it is a section of the book with your character written in, you can make up a new scene, change an old scene, write from a different persons point of view, just be creative!



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