The Thirst: First Flirtation (Book 2)

Sequel to First Encounter.
Hannibal and Jade now know each other true identities. But since the fight between them Hannibal thinks Jade is dead. Jade however is very much alive and looking for revenge. But as a vampire she knows that sometimes the best revenge, is to not attack someone. Sometimes you have to slither your way into their lives, and take away something, or someone, they hold dear.


11. The Telegram

Jade sat on her couch reading a book when she saw movement in the corner of her eyes, looking up from her book she noticed it was Liam. Rolling her eyes she went back to reading. She figured this would happen sooner or later. Liam was never one to stay away long. Hell she was surprised he had stayed away as long as he had.

"I received a telegram today," Liam said softly.

"And I should care why?" Jade asked dryly.

"You should care very much."

"How can I if you don't tell me what it says."

"Maybe you should read it for yourself."

She saw him move. Groaning she lowered her book and took the already open telegram from his hands. Pulling it out of the envelope she flipped the paper open.

"Let's see. Dear stupid head..."



"This is serious. Come on, keep reading."

"Ugh fine. Dear Liam, head of the O'Doherty family. It has come to our attention that..." She trailed off and sat up straight. Liam took the note from her then to finish the rest as she started off in space.

"It has come to our attention that two humans, residing in the area that you are currently living in, have found out about our existence. Furthermore they have not yet been put to death as the law mandates. In order to remedy the situation The Royals have decided it best to send in a clean up crew to take care of the matter. As you were not present during the vote your vote has been voided and anything you may or may not have to say on the matter will not be heard. We will be sending Royal De Rossi to overlook the clean up. We expect you and any vampires in your company to welcome and fully accommodate him. Formally, The Royal Families."

"So father is coming into town..." Jade said softly. "No biggy." She shrugged it off and picked up her book again.

"No biggy? Jade this is the man that made you life a living hell before you left."

"I know Liam. I was there."

He ripped the book from her hands. "Jade this is the man who once skinned you because you talked back to him. What do you think he is going to do to you because of this? About the fact that you broke vampire law, his law."

"Skin me again?"


"I am sorry, Liam, but there isn't much we can do except wait until he gets here."

Liam flopped backwards on her couch, apparently giving up on trying to get her to care about this. She rolled her eyes and placed a hand on his knee.

"Look, Liam, I understand what you are getting at. But that telegram is right. I allowed Will and Hannibal to find out our secret and then proceeded to do nothing about it. I should be punished. The most I can hope for is that he comes here, does what he does to me and then leaves without actually hurting Will or Hannibal."

He took his hand in hers for a moment before letting go. "You know no matter what he does to you I will be here. I will help you get through anything. And I will help you protect those stupid humans too if you want."

She chuckled softly. "Stupid humans huh? I guess it's a step up." She then grew serious. "The problem here isn't just my father. You and I can take care of him. The problem is the clean up crew. Unless they changed over the years the cleaners are some pretty ruthless vampires. They won't stop until Will and Hannibal are dead."

"I guess now is a bad time to say maybe I should go back to being more active with the Royals."

"Just a little bit." She picked up her book and then procceded to stretch her legs to where they were resting on Liam's lap. "Hey since you're down here..." She glanced at him over the book. She chuckled lightly as she heard him grumble followed by the feel of him rubbing her feet.

"How is that?"

"Perfect." She smiled.

They sat in silence for a long while, Jade reading her book and Liam rubbing her feet and legs, but it wasn't long before she closed her book and looked at him.

"You're thinking about him aren't you?" Liam asked.

"It's kind of hard not to. He is my father, but he did everything in his power to make my life hell. I am not sure I can go through that again." She felt something wet hit her cheek and was surprised when Liam leaned forward to wipe away the blood tear that had fallen.

"I will always be here for you. No matter what. I will protect you from him."

She snorted. "He is stronger than you are Liam. If he wants you out of the way you will be gone."

"Psh, we got this."

For some reason this made Jade laugh. She wasn't sure if it was because of what he actually said or if it was because she needed to release the emotion in her and it was either laugh or cry. She went with laugh. After a moment she settle back down into quietness again.

"Was it really that funny?"

"No, but your face is. Oh!" She pulled her legs away as he smacked them. "Alright you need to go. I can't read with you here."

"Aww come on..."

"Nope. Out." She then started to lightly kick him until he got off the couch.

"Fine fine. But call me if you see any sign of your father. Ok?"


He then kissed her on the forehead before leaving.

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